My first question to the harlots in the community….. this is and has been public knowledge for some time. Check out this comment over at Zero Hedge two years ago:

I particularly enjoyed Annie B’s rant. All the rage of a reformed sinner. On 10/28/2009 (Case #09ARB00009, filed 01/20/09) the NFA issued a finding & award in the matter of Moiola Brothers Cattle Feeders, ltd. vs. Barnhardt Capital Mgmt. She was charged with “constructive fraud, fraud and deceit, misrepresentations of material facts, excessive trading, failure to follow instructions, breach of fiduciary duty, violation of NFA Compliance rules (listed), violation of Sections (listed) of the Commodity Exchange Act, Violation of CFTC Regulations (listed). The Moiola Brothers sought $350,000 in Compensatory damages + $100,000 in Punitive; award was $50,000 + $50,000. Bad girl, Ann Elizabeth. She’s mightily pissed because little minnows like her get caught while sharkz like Corzine swim away. Still, none of us is pure…. @  


On another note…. where were the voices in the community two days ago, it’s funny how fame and 15 minutes changes folks.

Yeah I am a dick, yet I refuse to drink the sugar juice.  Hey Che can you eat enough crow to say SPARKLIE:

Peter why did you scrub your page, I noticed you have removed all of your posts regarding myself and sam?


  1. Ha ha! The report which must surely implicate Eric WitHolder amongst other “big fish” is in lockdown for 30 days with… Holder. How convenient. Yep, it will be scrubbed clean and “released” on a Friday afternoon next month, and then it will fade off into obscurity. Che’s life work, barely a footnote in history, and the perps get off scot-free as is usual for big fish. Just like we all knew it would go down. Yeah, that was the biggest SPARKLIE of them all.

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