Don’t kid yourself, not for a New York minute!!  They have plenty of guns ….. ammo too.

I do not cotton tail to the threeper brand, you will not see the tags or insignia at my place, I am not much for brands. However….. there are some good folks who fly the threeper colors.

I have been raked over the coals from time to time in regards to my message and criticisms, for the record…… Che got his smack down not because Sam and I are good buddies, I carry water for myself. It could have been anyone, I merely had a pair of balls to take a STAND  and voice my displeasure and call out the Che’s duplicity.

I would have pointed out the facts regardless of the person taking heat from Che, it was wrong and it was disgusting… we all know and understand this NOW! Sam and I do not stay in constant contact nor do we communicate on the phone. This IS NOT  a call out of Sam, I am only setting the record straight.

I received nothing of benefit for my actions, this is how it’s supposed to work. Get It? I have remained non supportive or basically quiet about Sam’s site and his plans, I have donated zero dollars, purchased zero gear…. why? Because I am an independent mother fucker, and I intend on remaining so.

I have sat back and watched Sam’s site and readership grow, his hard work and diligence is paying off in spades. He has brilliantly brought focus and community together. I have also watched Sam call out the vulnerable’s in the community as well.

I have remained quiet until today,,,, how ever things work out for these folks in Idaho, the gun manufacturing idea was ingenious, for obvious reasons I will not go into minute details… it should be quite obvious.

Read his recent post here:

If you are of AVERAGE intelligence it should be quite clear. If my point seems puzzling then head back over to Che’s for another cup full of punch. I have been told he is changing out the grape flavored drink today, there have been some whispering he is going to offer strawberry for a limited time.

Sam hats off to you, keep up the great work! Perhaps we will meet one day, thanks for all the support you have offered and given to myself and the 111 community.

Local, local, local. Micro or macro it’s all the same. Build tribe…… and stay away from the punch bowl.

8 thoughts on “PASIFISM INDEED

  1. Hmmm. Troubling indeed. Talked to my sister today. She fields my mail and paperwork while I am away. “Hey, Jen. Did my bag come yet?” “No. Jesus Christ. Either that bag is going to be made with gold fibers or they really needed that 73 bucks real bad.”

    Jus’ sayin’. Idaho is already on my shit list as of late and I haven’t had coffee this morning. So NUF said.

        • OK – first thing, send me an email at and give me a receipt number, or your name, or something so I can look it up. I’ll let you know if it is back-ordered, or if it has shipped, or whatever. I can’t fix a problem if you don’t tell me there’s a problem. 😉

          Second – remember the 527 is not a business. I tell people repeatedly they can buy the same gear elsewhere cheaper and faster, the only reason to buy through IIIGear is to support the movement (our radio ads, print ads, gun show promotions, et cetera). We often only have 1 or 2 of each item in stock at a time, and if it sells we are at the mercy of Condor or KA-BAR for re-supply.

          So, send me your details and I’ll get you squared away. Next time, let me know sooner if you have a problem.


          • First- Obviously, I was attempting to support the 527.

            Second- Thank you for your help.

            Third- As soon as I get a free moment, I’ll be sure to send my information. I’m just currently in the middle of a move….

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