Do you understand?

Your fucking vote means absolutely nothing, the entire system is and has been rigged for decades if not longer. Yes it has been regurgitated over and over ” ANYONE BUT THE COMMIE”

The spark has already occurred, we are already at war with the Federal Yankee, and we have been at war for some time now. I have made up my mind….. I am going to pull the lever for the “COMMIE”  The sooner the bitch burns to the ground… the quicker it gets rebuilt from the ashes.


Now remember to keep your eye on the real PRIZE:

For the daft frat boys in the community……… THINGS ARE NOT GOING TO GET BETTER.

Why economists and stock market investors read it

Most directly, the index measures the demand for shipping capacity versus the supply of dry bulk carriers. The demand for shipping varies with the amount of cargo that is being traded or moved in various markets (supply and demand).

The supply of cargo ships is generally both tight and inelastic—it takes two years to build a new ship, and ships are too expensive to take out of circulation the way airlines park unneeded jets in deserts. So, marginal increases in demand can push the index higher quickly, and marginal demand decreases can cause the index to fall rapidly. e.g. “if you have 100 ships competing for 99 cargoes, rates go down, whereas if you’ve 99 ships competing for 100 cargoes, rates go up. In other words, small fleet changes and logistical matters can crash rates…”[5] The index indirectly measures global supply and demand for the commodities shipped aboard dry bulk carriers, such as building materials, coal, metallic ores, and grains.

Because dry bulk primarily consists of materials that function as raw material inputs to the production of intermediate or finished goods, such as concrete, electricity, steel, and food, the index is also seen as an efficient economic indicator of future economic growth and production. The BDI is termed a leading economic indicator because it predicts future economic activity.[6]

Another index, the HARPEX, focuses on containers freight. It provides an insight on the transport of a much wider base of commercial goods than commodities alone.

Other leading economic indicators—which serve as the foundation of important political and economic decisions—are often measured to serve narrow interests, and subjected to adjustments or revisions. Payroll or employment numbers are often estimates; consumer confidence appears to measure nothing more than sentiment, often with no link to actual consumer behavior; gross national product figures are consistently revised, and so forth. Unlike stock and bond markets, the BDI “is totally devoid of speculative content,” says Howard Simons, an economist and columnist at “People don’t book freighters unless they have cargo to move.”[7]

2 thoughts on “NATURAL REDHEAD?

  1. There is a grim satisfaction in hoping that the whole thing goes up in smoke. But history shows that while it may be satisfying to watch the old regime die, what follows is usually worse. The Czar was followed by the Bolsheviks, the Kaiser was followed by the Nazis. Krensky couldn’t hold a republic together, Weimar didn’t last in Germany. The fall of the French king was followed by “the Terror” and the Napoleonic wars. Colonialism was bad but Africa is worse today. Rome was rapacious, but it took almost 1000 years for Europe to reach the standard of living it had before the fall. As they say, “Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.”

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