I have to wonder….. why was there zero mention or credit given to Che.



In other words, GunWalker was spoon-fed to our Hero.

Not my words, folks.  Here is our Hero’s quote: Waldo brought this interesting exchange at CleanUpATF.org to my attention. It refers to Border Patrol officer Brian A. Terry, killed in a shoot-out with smugglers near the border at Nogales earlier this month.

This is consistent with rumors within and without the ATF that in order to bump up Operation Gunrunner numbers, the Arizona ATF has been encouraging snitches to buy semi-auto rifles and smuggle them south. As you will read below, there are also reports that one of these rifles was used to kill BP officer Terry.

Understand, this is not Alex Jones saying these things, but ATF street agents appalled at their own management’s derelictions of duty and law-breaking.

The quotes are from our Hero’s site at this post: Border Patrol agent killed with ATF-smuggled AR? Some ATF agents seem to think so.

Just in case the language on the original page changes, I have memorialized an image of the page here.

Use these facts as you will, but in true Sipsey fashion, DO NOT LET FACTS DISRUPT YOUR PARADIGM!



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