Common folks huh? It’s fucking pathetic! Folks you had better get a grip.

Immediately after Romney’s return from France in December 1968, the pair reconnected and agreed to get married as soon as possible.[16] Ann Davies and Mitt Romney were married in a civil ceremony on March 21, 1969, at her Bloomfield Hills home, with a reception afterward at the Bloomfield Hills Country Club.[4][16][18] It was presided over by Edwin B. Jones,[4] a banker and Romney family friend then serving as an LDS Church Regional representative of the Twelve.[19] Among the 250–300 guests were U.S. House Minority Leader Gerald Ford and automotive executives such as Semon Knudsen and Edward Cole, and President Richard Nixon sent congratulations.[4][20]


  1. My apologies for lack of commentary lately Bill. I am awestruck with the razor you have been weilding of late. Keep cutting man, keep cutting. It may be death by a thousand cuts, but the truth needs out there.
    C informed me of your current situation and my heart goes out to you. Seems we all have had some life changing situations of late but it only makes us stronger. I am sure you , M and W will be fine, if not come out on the other side shining brighter than ever. Just keep that epi-pen close at hand. 🙂

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