6 thoughts on “VERY GRAPHIC

  1. It is a sick fucking world we live in. Maybe if it was Cliton lying there with half her hideous face blown off, things would be different. Let the bastards that start the wars fight amongst themselves instead of turning innocent people into hamburger.

  2. Precision guided weapons? Surgical strikes on military emplacements? I know that a favorite tactic over there is to position weapons in civilian concentration areas, but given the force of those explosions those strikes were about as surgical as the firebombing of Dresden. I also saw some secondary explosions. No wonder they hate us.

    Every drone pilot should be made to sit and watch this and contemplate the collateral results of his actions. Fucking video gamers. Will there be a public outcry when they finally get around to using this technology on ‘domestic’ terrorists.

  3. Since WWII we have stuck our noses in the foreign affairs of others thinking that the PTB know best what they need.

    How many times has it worked out? NONE. Korea, Vietnam, S. America drugs shit, Iraq, Afg, etc, etc.

    Every time we send in the guns and kill innocents as collateral via “surgical” strikes. There is nothing surgical about dropping a guided Mk82.

    When I was loading munitions in the 80’s on aircraft in out TO’s, if you dropped a munition you had a set time to run a distance. For a Mk 84 (2000lb) you had 45 sec to run 1.5 mile. The shrapnel radius is over 2 miles.

    So Hillary Clinton and the other “regime builders” can run their mouths all they want all they are doing is assassinating someone who does not bow to their demands.

    I say give the bitches some of their own medicine.

  4. in the war against terrorism the united states has become the terrorist nation

    so when their response comes to strike this country, you can now understand why…

  5. When the war comes “home”, people like those that are happy to send others to do their bidding will find that they are now targets of opportunity. No amount of drones or other ‘remote’ weapons will save them.
    And I pity them not one iota.

    Empty? yes, I am empty, empty of pity, remorse, and regret. Mercy I still have aplenty, but only in the fact that I want the kill to be quick and move on.

    And that statement alone my have put my name on the next visit to the psych ward. So be it.

  6. This “war” is coming home. May God have mercy on their souls. For I can not. I pray that the Great Creator pays them lessons a thousand fold. I am sure that Ms. Clinton will indeed, rot in hell.

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