PatrickW said…
I’m not exactly sure why, but this piece made me uncharacteristically MAD AS HELL! I thought I had stopped that kind of response within.
After these kind of episodes I am always left with the feeling that the US is pussy-whipped.
The occupy movement disbanded when it got cold. People piss and moan about the most heinous crimes. Blogs abound with rhetoric. Utube is filled with reportage about corrupt politicians, violent cops, thieving bankers and all manner of small time crooks posing as officialdom and taking advantage of the general populace. Food giants ripping off the people and poisoning them, Big Pharma killing the public in ever growing numbers, agenda 21 companies like Monsanto ruining the land for centuries, US military occupation the world over, US led violence in every country it tries to democratise, Talmudic congress and lobby groups tearing the constitution to shreds, killing small farmers, taking guns away, militarisation of the police, voting fraud, corporatisation of the laws, Fema camps, lying media, suppression of human rights, fascism, legal theft of property by banks, metal manipulation, Libor thievery, GOP manipulation, stripping of human dignity and a thousand other atrocities perpetrated upon the citizens of the US, EVERY SINGLE DAY, and growing in hubris by the minute and you have not hung, drawn and quartered these motherfuckers yet?
When? and what will it take for the United States people to stand up and be counted? Really counted!


2 thoughts on “DON’T FOLLOW ME, I AM LOST TOO

  1. Let’s get real for a minute. What is Patrick W., Smoking Mirrors, you or I doing about it? Not much more than writing. We care, most people don’t even know what is going on. Most of us rant about how bad the other side is and wait for our side to fix things. Some people rant about both sides and wait for things to fall apart. But almost no one does anything that actually matters. There is nothing unique about this inaction.

    Look at the American Revolution. We are taught that it was the result of the people’s desire for liberty. In reality, the Intolerable Acts were in place for a decade before there was action. And how revolutionary was the action? Vandalism – the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Massacre resulted in a trial not a revolution. The glorious Committees of Correspondence did little more than talk. It took outright armed assaults by British troops at Lexington and Concord to trigger the actual Revolution.

    The French monarchy had been tyrannical and the aristocracy above the law for centuries. Despite the “Liberty, equality, fraternity” trappings, It took a famine to trigger the revolution.

    And so it goes throughout history. Most of us want to be left alone. We don’t want power and certainly not the chaos of revolution. The Tea Party allowed itself to be co-opted by main stream Republicans, because we wanted less government and they wanted power. Most Democrats wanted the Bush wars and infringements on rights ended. Obama and the radical wing of the party wanted power, so we continue with the Bush wars, get more infringements on our rights and have a president who says he can kill Americans without trial in disregard of the constitution.

    The truth is, to be effective, we have to be organized and that is not in our nature. It does not take huge numbers to win elections. The Nazi’s won control of the Bundestag with 33% of the vote when less than 2% of the voters were party members. They ruled Germany with a party membership that was never more than 7% of the population. The communists in Russia ruled the USSR with a party membership of 10% – 15% of the population. Both were organized, disciplined, and ruthless. We are not. Our political parties, with the exception of the level of violence, are.

    Sorry for the rant. But how many of us even use our own names?

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