Did anyone else in the area hear this about 9:30 AM this morning. Low rumbling in the sky for about 12 minutes…. strange real frigging strange. I have read reports about this happening, frigging creepy.


  1. Yeah, heard it twice here in Georgia. Once after work about 12:30 am whilst out walking my dog and again around 5:30 am. Long, low rumbling like long distance thunder but each time it was 2-3 minutes in duration. No storms, no rain, nothing but a light breeze both times. Could not tell direction either as it seemed to be coming from a surround sound sytem; everywhere.

      • Dog-o-mine, a big GSD, got a bit flaky while we were outside. Normally he’s very level headed but while we were outside he hackled up, was on alert and ready to rock. Since it’s so late at night i usually let him off lead to let him stretch out and roam a bit. He wouldn’t get more than 5 feet away, on guard and ready to eat as.

  2. Have no idea what that was. Man made or not? I will say it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Lots of other examples on YouTube also. All over the world for the last couple years.

  3. actually what am fearing most, ripples in your local time/space continium bubble

    can result in massive unwanted activity and sightings

    even heavy sharp quakes

    beware of such noises……..seriously

  4. Bill. The wife just called me at work and said she is hearing it at our place north of Livingston this evening. I couldn’t hear it at work due to all the mechanical noises from the building.

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