So we have this from http://californiayankee.net/2012/09/beyond-thunderdome/

2. There are large numbers of neo-nazi groups in Idaho. If, in fact, the III movement stays true to American ideals and principles and the Constitution, these groups by their very ideals would have to be considered enemy combatants if the SHTF. They will certainly know what the Citadel is about and comprised of, and the food, weapons and ammunition as well as fuel would be a prime target for these groups. Idaho is a poor choice strategically for this reason and because…


Large numbers……… REALLY, fucking geniuses, let’s take a look at what Che’s buddies over at the SPLC have to say about the matter, the link is to their interactive hate groups map of the US.


I will let you do the math and the ranking, Idaho seems like childs play compared to California and Texas. Remarkable considering the author of the blog made such silly remarks and one has to surmise he-she lives in CA / California Yankee.

Shall we now discuss the company we keep? Here are some of the California Yankee’s friends on his or her blog list.


Hey AP you keep real good company being a reborn and all.


Arctic Patriot Says:                September 7, 2012 at 1:22 pmJoin the club, bro.

I too am banned and an “enemy of liberty”.

Kerodin is a con man, at best.






2 thoughts on “DIRTY PANTY LICKERS

  1. I guess I can’t comment unless I log in to this oh so special blog with my FB account.Wow, I’m so fucking HONORED! Listen, I’ll tell you the same thing I told Kerodin: FUCK YOU. You’ve a lot of room to talk if you’re defending a convicted felon. And genius, not only do I NOT live in California, it wouldn’t make any difference to the issue at hand if I DID. But I AM a proud native Californian. Curiously, I don’t give a shit who YOU are or where you’re from.. Kiss my ass, pal. Crawl back in your slimy hole until Kerodin calls you to help build his fantasy castle.

  2. You are an asshat. Idaho is full of morons like you so you’ll be right at home. Giving money to a convicted extortionist…hey, if you’re just giving money away, I’ll take some. Oh and ask Mr. K about his Wench Magazine that he continually told people he was going to publish and asked for handouts to start. Never materialized just like most of his crap. BTW, nice blog name for a so-called “right winger”. Stay classy.

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