First we had this outlandish piece from the Punch Bowl Pimp:

And of course the comments from his minions:

The Punch Bowl Pimp linked to this drivel…… notice all the fudge packer links on the side bar:

Of course the truth will set you free as millerized points out the frog cutters are up to no good.

Anonymousmillerized  said…

I’m the guy running the FFL part of the III Arms operation. All of the firearms transfers will go through me, from the prototypes, to the shipment of the manufactured pieces when that time comes.  Your smoke should continue to go up the asses of those who blindly believe you.
The firearms manufacturing side of this operation is approved by the BATFE to include the money transfer side of the house. All players involved with the handling of the firearms are 01FFL minimum, with several 07’s in the mix doing the building. Sorry, your ATF worries are for naught. Thanks for playing, tho.
K has not handled a firearm, even when surrounded by a room full of them. My offers of handling the product I, and others, are producing for the III Arms have gone answered. He refuses to handle a firearm, as he knows this will cause a problem for something we all see as a workable endeavor. He isn’t even on the founding documents for the III Arms Company, legal or otherwise. I know, because I am on those documents. Again, thanks for playing.
Face it, he’s got a pot to piss in….and you don’t. While we’re going to be building, you continue to attempt to tear down.
Lastly, Thanks for playing. You  separated the weak from the chaff (as well as the wheat) for us, giving us a finer selection of real Patriots to choose from. And, yes, thanks are in order for that. We do appreciate all your concern, but your concern is unwarranted.
WE will build, you will have OTHERS destroy while yourself remaining insulated. Sounds like a comfy place to be. I’d rather be on the front lines of attempting something good, than a REMF trying to destroy from within. Have fun with that.
James ‘Millerized’ Miller Millerized, LLC 01FFL and sole distributor for the III Arms Company

September 7, 2012 8:12 AM

And to complete the day we have this from the cry baby. Enjoy your noodles cry baby.

Gasp! Another of My Fellow “Enemies of Liberty” Banned!

10 thoughts on “FROG CUTTERS and CRYBABIES

  1. As far as I know, Sam has never failed to deliver on his promises. Yeah, he had a skeleton or two in his closet…(who doesn’t?), but seems to me he paid his debt to society and pulled those motherfucking bones out for the world to see.

    I’ll treat him as I would any person…I’ll trust him until he gives ME a reason not to…and prattling by anonymous cunts on the innernets ain’t gonna change that.

    He’s doing SOMETHING….something besides run his soup-cooler on the intardwebs…and he’s got what seems like some pretty good folks going all in helping him making shit happen.

    Plenty of good ideas sounded crazy and impossible at the outset.

    I carry no man’s water, but I’m taking Sam at his word until he proves me wrong.

    Paul Johnson aka “Walter Zoomie”
    Indianapolis IN

    ain’t skeerd

  2. “I carry no man’s water, but I’m taking Sam at his word until he proves me wrong.”

    That about sums it up.

    I do wish AP had not sided with the Frog Cutters. I still consider him a Patriot and decent family man. I would not turn him away from our stronghold despite the differences.

    • AP’s a good dude and entitled to his opinion.

      I look at it kinda like this…I cherry pick what I like or what I can use from all sources, and forget the rest.

      I think Mike has done some good things. I think Sam has too. I don’t agree with either man 100%.

      We all have something to offer, and we all won’t agree on everything.

      I kinda wish this schoolyard bullshit would cease, but it probably won’t. I can live with that.

      I ain’t pickin’ sides…except for the side of liberty.

      I just wanna be free and be left alone. We gotta put our noggins together and figure out how the hell we’re gonna do it without killing each other.

  3. Hey, if you weren’t such a dickhead, I’d teach you how to set up hyperlinks in your sidebar so all the assholes you link to aren’t just on there as HTML text. Fuckwits. You’re bloggers, you aren’t going to change shit with your internet stupidity and ramblings. Nobody gives a shit about any of it. It’s a pastime, you morons.

  4. A while back I had resigned to the idea that bringing liberty to our nation would require wading knee deep in the blood of our countrymen. Thankfully someone had the better idea of building instead.

    The Citadel Project is the first I’ve seen that doesn’t use destruction to bring about liberty and actually stands a chance of working.

    Personally, I would rather create than destroy. Unfortunately there are those who disagree with this sentiment.


  5. I like the Citadel project…it makes sense. I know it will work. But there are always the dissenters that are jealous of something that they can’t have.
    Papa Mike

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