How fitting… perfect. A nice born again sharing company with such up-standing folks. hey Justin you might want to let you new buddies in on your killing babies stance.


20 thoughts on “CONTEXT and BORN AGAINS

  1. Seems that Arctic (not sure about Moonbattery) are on Sam’s no fly list (no dissenters). I do not comment much on any blogs, but his “enemies of liberty” list is growing, as they don’t tow the company line. Thought I could identify with most of this bunch, but the further I go down the rabbit hole, seems that there’s more problems than unity. Usually love this blog (as well as Sam’s) and have passed on to others, but seems to have strayed from providing really useful information into a “gangwar” among III’s. Not picking any sides here, just expressing the frustrations.

      • Not even aware of your’s until this dustup occured…just sad that it seems to always come down to this kind of b.s. amongst like minded. As Bill has said before, I guess I’ll stick to local, local and more local and let you internet warriors hash it out amongst yourselves. Sad that no one seems to focus on the larger picture.

        • Well you’ve got this asshole from San Jacinto to thank for that, Longbeard. It seems he’s got a hard on for me lately. Unfortunately for him I don’t fuck guys in spite of the fact that I support gay rights. I guess he’ll have to stick to the Craig’s List male for male personal ads to get his crank spun.

          • Not sure what all that means, especially the (support gay rights) thing. Not sure I understand what gay “rights” are since thay are not recognized in the Constitution or B of R. If you’re talking about marriage, state should stand aside, and it should be a church or ordained issue only. I’m sure there are some that support it. Here’s an idea…maybe the two to three percent of that population need to start their own Citadel, and let us know how that works out in one or two generations, adoptions aside.

            • And maybe people like this San Jacinto County religious dickhead friend of yours need to stop linking to my site when he or she clearly disapproves of my links and personal likes. As I said there, go fuck yourselves.

              • Nice….Way to stay classy there. I’ve never commented on this site. Bill wouldn’t know me from Adam, and I’m not sure I would call anyone religious, especially me. I just laid out a biological exercise for the gay rights community. It was not directed at you, just an experiment in sustainability.

    • Hi Longbeard,

      I think I, along with AP, am one of the original two banned from Sam’s site, which is odd, since I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything derogatory there, if I’ve even posted there at all. That’s OK with me, though, since I ban everyone (good, bad or stupid) from commenting on my site. Cuts out a lot of crap that way.

      About your concern about unity, If I’m visiting a site, like this one, I don’t usually go out of my way to bash the host or his point of view. This is probably a Southern thing, perhaps.

      For example, although I hear that some don’t like Vanderboegh, and Mike certainly hasn’t spared any kilobytes bashing me in the past, I am totally supportive of his F&F campaign, however quixotic it may eventually prove to be (oh lordy, now I’ve done it LOL). Saying this to the multitudes at Mercer generated more than a little bit of hate and discontent in some circles, but it is what it is. Bill knows my point of view about this, and I don’t come here to argue with him about it, I come here to get another perspective on things that I don’t, or can’t, get anywhere else.

      Likewise, is the Citadel a scam, a fed-gov sting or a bunch of people trying their best to improve their lives, even if it is quixotic? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, at the very least, the debate over the issues involved will benefit us all whether we participate or not. As things continue to decay, we’ll have to face these issues at some level in our local areas one way or another. Good to see these hashed out now and start burning the brain juice before it goes critical. To me, whether or not Sam is the right face man, or whether or not to fund it with a gun company, or whether or not to locate in northern Idaho, or whether or not it will even happen at all, etc., isn’t nearly important as the puzzling through the tougher social issues. I won’t be there, but I can sure as hell be informed by the debate.

      I’m not disheartened when I see this kind of vigorous debate, and I think we’re all men enough to tolerate a little fuckknobbery from time to time. We’ll never get everyone on the same page, so at least we can inform the newbies by continuing to hash things out to help educate them faster.


      • Tom, I would expect no less than a vigorous and hearty debate, and to think that every liberty loving person would walk lock step is folly at best. It’s the damn personal attacks that are really starting to unnerve me. The language in the blogosphere seems to get worse every day, and the seemingly personal attacks seem to be ramping up. I’m not sure whether to chalk it up to the status of the country, or personal b.s. I’m fairly new to some of this, but was hoping to see some continuity amongst like minds, but it seems to be the same old s*&t. Anyone coming to these “liberty” blogs looking for like minds (waking up) are going to find a bunch of three year olds, throwing mud at each other. That will kill this movement quicker than anything the can do, IMHO.

        • Ahh, yes, the distinction between debate, however ad nauseum, about ideas and issues, versus divisive personal attacks. I mentioned that at Mercer also, but wasn’t as clear about it as I could have been. Somehow that got twisted all out of shape.

          But, we watch and learn, do we not?

          Like Bill always says, local local local. This whole web thing is just a medium. Even that is an important lesson for newbies.

  2. Hey, “Outlaw”, did your mother have any kids that lived? We can play this blogwar bullshit as long as you want. By the way, your mom says “Hi” in between racing her lips up and down my cock.

  3. By the way, if you think that post is offensive, you ain’t seen nothing yet. You keep badgering me with your bullshit posts, I’ll post some shit that will ensure you never link to my site again. I hope I don’t have to do that, but the pics of drag queens on Duval and link to Fantasy Fest tit pics are just child’s play compared to what might come. I’m not really sure what your fucking issue is but you might want to save that for your therapist.

    I’m not all fucked up on Jesus so believe me, I have no problem with linking to some graphic internet porn. Your move, cockbite.

    • Actually, looks like this post was directed at Justin (aka: Arctic Patriot), and I read his blog daily (good stuff). Seems like a step away would do all a world of good, just saying!!

      • The link above is to my blog and the links below that are the links from my entire blogroll. So I really don’t give a shit who the post was intended for. “Outlaw” needs to step away at this point, considering I haven’t written anything at my blog about him/her before this third post featuring links to my site. Maybe you Threepers need to go fuck yourselves.

        • Just to keep all the info straight….not a “threeper”, at least not yet, and haven’t the ability to do what you suggest. Not sure why you send such love, excuse me, such hate. Just searching for info and decided to join the discussion. Looks like that may have been a mistake on my part. My apologies.


  5. Seem someone is overly sensitive.
    Erinyes must have sat in a corn bin, sure seems something is stuck up in there.

    “May I ask what fucking business it is of yours, you fuckknob?”
    You can ask, but it’s none of your business. Just need a civilized answer.
    Papa Mike

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