Some things just can’t be explained, nor should they have to be. The last post and it’s comments was a perfect example. I will repeat myself yet again ” I carry no mans water” although I have absolutely zero problems pointing out the duplicity that runs rampant. Shall we take a close look at where the lesson of the day began.


In that article Che linked to California Yankee here:

I wrote a few posts pointing out the duplicity and California Yankee came unhinged, it appears he likes to dish it out yet? This is typical in the community. Now if said fellow had offered any amount of proof as to his accusations with links and comments I suppose we would all be happy campers… instead Che used it as a hit piece.

My work is not necessarily for the newbies, but you already know this don’t you? Yes my blog will NEVER be popular, as AP pointed out.

AP same goes for you…. show the intel or shut the fuck up…. a born again telling untruths and falsely accusing with zero back up.

Arctic Patriot Says:                September 7, 2012 at 1:22 pm

Kerodin is a con man, at best.


To claim Kerodin is going to steal and or rip folks off is a wild accusation, where is the proof….ahhhhh Che has taught you all very well. Hell I have no idea as to what Kerodin is up to, nor do you. Unless you have some sort of proof you need to mind your own damn business, to purposely attack folks that are building is a horrible injustice, and it smacks of Che.


I posted this with the back up…  also with the link to Zero Hedge from a few years back, yes it has been around for some time, behind closed doors it was decided the link to what was posted as a comment years ago needed to be locked down ” DAMAGE CONTROL”

I am mentally adjusted to accept the fact that no person is perfect and that we all have baggage it’s the “Human Condition”. Yet to crucify one man while turning a blind eye to the others is exactly why we wail and scream about our government, CRONYISM at it’s finest.

We bitch and moan and cry under our bed sheets about the media choosing our candidates, will someone please explain the difference, it’s DUPLICITY!! You will turn a blind eye to Che and his bullshit, and refuse to even question Ann B. Yet you all we tear down and stomp to pieces those folks that are actively building.

You are a wicked bunch, I submitted the Ann Elizabeth piece and what I do In regards to Che to prove my point, you all are a bunch of hypocrites, AP included, regardless of past arguments with Kerodin… why on earth would you post out right lies and slander Justin? So what he banned you from his site, big friggin deal.

My work is provided for those in the community, like it or not.

I will offer yet again…..

“Prove my facts wrong, YOU CAN’T” ….. and that’s the problem. While others throw around untruths and slander, I provide the hard facts with back up, frat boys can you say the same.. of course not.

If I had written or posted anything that smacked of propaganda or falsehood, would I not have been taken to task, and proven wrong? You see that’s the problem, this is why I get attacked.

I stated not long ago that you all are LAB RATS, this latest go around proves my point, and IT’S FRIGGIN EASY. Case in point California Yankee, he got hood winked and when he realized it….. he spewed some of the nastiest vitriol that I have seen in a long time.

California Yankee welcome to the lab I hope your are comfortable…. would you care for a beverage before we hook up the electrodes? This will only hurt for a few seconds. You did Che”s dirty work for him with out batting an eye…. can you say rope a dope?

It may be ugly, it may be uncomfortable…. it’s nasty and down right hard to accept, but folks this is your community… like it or not…… I am merely presenting the facts and a opprotunity for you to look inside. It’s the ” HUMAN CONDITION” why would it be any different than real life? It should not be, get over your fantasies… the sooner the better.


5 thoughts on “ARE YOU LOVIN IT NOW?

  1. “”Access to the URL californiayankee.net_2012_09_beyond-thunderdome_ has been denied.
    The request was denied due to a content categorization phishing-and-other-frauds.””

    Seems the kettle and the pot are yelling at each other….

  2. I step away for a few weeks and come back to more of this shit. I find it amusing that AP is over at californiayankee trying to gain allies with people that have no clue what this is all about and are obviously the antithesis of his own professions of piety. I always find it hypocritical when these self-described saints or leaders condemn others while rubbing shoulders with other “sordid” types when it suits their agenda. They preach that there are good men and there are bad men but we know that there is no such thing. At least we have the balls to admit that life is a dirty business and no one gets out of here alive or clean. There must be some damn good kool-aid getting passed around these days.

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