I had to go to Firestone the other day. It would seem as if my truck needs an alignment, I had one hell of a time finding the place, I was told it was located off of King road. I spent about 20 minutes driving in circles, I had to finally swallow my pride and ask for directions.

I eventually found the Firestone shop, it was right next to the construction company that builds custom cabinets, I bet I have passed by it hundreds of times, just across the street is that lawyer’s office.

I only had to wait about a half hour, while waiting I had a opportunity to meet a woman who was getting new tires put on her son’s car, apparently he had been the target of bullying at school, her story seemed very confusing, she was well dressed and articulate, I never did ask what she did for a living, but I could tell she was some sort of professional, her briefcase made me think she might be a doctor.

Well my truck did not need an alignment after all, just a tire rotation. I will be going to the bakery for a large Key Lime Pie with the money I saved.



4 thoughts on “KEY LIME PIE

  1. I’m glad your truck is running well again.

    You know, in my world the first line of defense is to hit ’em with a truck, from the blind side.

    Poor bastards never see it coming, and end up penniless, unemployable and miserable.


    • Big talk, Kerodin. Again. sounds like a threat. Come on down sometime and we’ll talk about why you’re full of shit.

  2. I think she runs an escort service, isn’t that what esquires do? Someone is getting screwed for money, regardless.
    And the cabinet place…pre-fab, right? Weird stuff…all tabs and no slots.

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