“It’s only after we’ve lost everything, that we are free to do anything.”

Do you understand?

The transformation of one’s grasp on reality can be a torturous journey, the realization of the lies and deceit during the awakening is akin to detoxifying from “Chasing The Dragon”.

Burn baby burn, it won’t stop, it’s just yet another escalation of the times we live in, embrace what is happening, embrace the smoke and fires. Am I crazy? perhaps.

” We came we saw and he died”.

Free elections in November? Wrap your mind around that fallacy. Doom and Gloom, no not so much, rather….. REALITY. Does reality scare the fuck out of you? It should, it should also place a smile on your face. After the education and the awakening… that sickening feeling in your gut is Rock Bottom, until you understand completely your enslavement, how on earth could you have a desire for FREEDOM?

I wake up every day with a feeling of invigoration, regardless how much of the world continues to deteriorate, I understand the flow of emotions are similar to what our founders felt, we will be given a opportunity for freedom, the best part will be the fight, standing up and declaring the shackles no longer bind.

The adrenalin rush of fighting for something so precious makes the hair on my neck stand upright, do not judge the Islamists with a heavy hand…. they should be admired for their courage, they are in the streets fighting for something they believe in.

What would our own masters do to us if we were to mirror the actions of those in N. Africa and the ME? Regardless if you think theses folks are throw backs from 600 AD, they are willing to step onto the green, can you say the same?

I am not disillusioned, I have a full understanding of the Religion of Peace, I also have a firm grasp on my understanding of the baby jesus worshippers.

Reverend Wright understood all of this, “The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost”, we are hated because we deserve to be hated, we are weak spiritually and we are weak in mind, our dirty laundry is being aired for all to see. We are hated because of our masters actions, our Oath Keepers are just as much to blame, from the Pentagon down to the troops.

You can hate me , you can hate the words I type, yet you can not ignore or deny. The flames will be extinguished and the smoke shall clear, it’s yet another nail in the coffin.

Think about it….. Obama is going to deliver us the ripe conditions to place us in a position for a fight, it will be the fight of your lifetime, it will be a fight for your freedom.

Is there any way out of this without a fight?

Radicals and religious extremists? There is so much we have to learn. I suppose no one has read what is taking place in Argentina?

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13 thoughts on “WE CAME, WE SAW , HE DIED

    • Message to OWS! Occupy and the New World Order!
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      September 26, 2012 by the51percent

      This is how we must be thinking. The US right now is in a state of “inorganic” change. Please, I beg you to read that again… “Inorganic”!

      Money can give you an OWS… but money can’t give you faith like the TEA PARTY Movement!

      The difference is, and not to ever be misconstrued, we understand Liberty, Faith and Economics.

      Too much for you?

      Ask one person from the MidWest who is an independent who their favorite economist is? Ask one person from the Midwest do they believe in Liberty?

      You will get an answer!

      Ask one person from the East or West Coast either question and LOOK AT THE BLANK FUCKIN STARE!

      I just had to type the following to some arsewhipe in OWS that is begging for attention! Not to condemn this poor kid as maybe we should all do the following to ensure solvency and get some peace of mind!

      Stand UP and be counted as you deserve more from our politicians that have given the world (UN) the keys to our freedom!!!!

      “the51percent September 26th, 2012 at 7:07 pm

      Take your ugly f’in face off your Gravatar and stop calling yourself a rock star like Obama and the rest of the bastards leading you astray pretty boy! Do you really want to learn from a man? A man who worked on Wall Street, also during 9/11 that souls are still yearning to give their kids hugs again! You want the inside track little pretty boy!

      Look here and ask yourself why is the FDIC linking up to historical context? I will tell you why dumbass, and sorry to use you as an example of the stupidity that surrounds you and the rest of you idiots looking for a real mom and dad! That’s what it’s about isn’t it?

      Again, after you play with these links… look at your local bank, you and the rest of the useful idiots… go to the freedom of information act site on the FDIC web site and sign up. Once signed up, you will get a password on your little IPhone that will give you a chance to ask about your bank were you take money out to destroy McDonald’s in NYC.,,

      Check the profits vs. outstanding debt that includes real estate, EBITA and if you see a negative number… they are your enemy!

      Especially if you are paying a surcharge on each of your transactions.

      You wanted help pretty boy?! There it is and now go change the world asshole!

      This is the last advice you and your deviant community get if you want it.

      Maybe after this you can see God and get how you are being used by your politicians!

      Peace Brother!”

  1. The pressure has been put on. When a quiet dog is pushed into a cornor, he will bite.
    Our present administration, the czars that think for Obammy, will make the decisions for him and will pull/push us into a confrontation. It will be like a thief in the night. No one will know when it will start. There will be something that happens that will make us all reliaze we have had enough.
    I just pray we will be on the same page. Unite……resist together.
    Papa Mike

  2. I don’t wake up feeling invigorated, knowing that our kids will bear the brunt. Also don’t hold to “Rev. Wright’s” theory as he is a race whore of the worst ilk. But I will fight when the time comes, if I am blessed to see that day. Too bad we cannot muster the fervor of those abroad. As it stands currently, we would die alone and be branded as homeland terrorists, and nothing more, as we do not control the talking points and are ignored in the discussion.

  3. This seems closer and closer to fruition. 20 years I served protecting this nation from what it voluntarily became. Hitler was freely elected, then when in place went awry. This communist organization told just enough of the truth to be ignored, and when we pointed it out we were ignored.

  4. Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    This seems closer and closer to fruition. 20 years I served protecting this nation from what it voluntarily became. Hitler was freely elected, then when in place went awry. This communist organization told just enough of the truth to be ignored, and when we pointed it out we were ignored.

  5. From G.G. Gator (I paraphrase) “What makes me laugh is that the minions who support this communist will head into the gas chambers singing show tunes!” Crazy, scary, laughable but so damn true. Great read and your integrity bleeds through word for word… Compelling!

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