We all remember Client #9, no? Let me help refresh your memory.

The cinderella story? This piece of shit falls from grace, only to land a job at CNN and then later for Al Gore over at Current TV.  I do grow so very tired of having to teach the Frat Boy’s lessons, life lessons that their daddy’s should have already addressed years ago.

I will not take the time to spoon feed the addle minded of the community this morning, I inserted the link. Nice fucking guy huh?

Shall we play a little gamed called ” thinking outside of the box” Make sure you read the comments section.

Said Vanderboegh, Eric Holder believes that he will escape serious consequences
of the congressional investigations of the Fast and Furious scandal simply by
running out the clock on his tenure. We intend this ethics complaint to place
him on notice that his lies and malfeasances will follow him until justice is


I would like to present a few comments from this post:

Ben Barracksaid…

Mitt Romney’s silence is deafening.

Anonymous said…

Heard some really disturbing news on Fox last night. The gist of it was that DOIJ (dept of injustice) has refused to press charges for contempt. This now goes to the federal court under the civil contempt case. The judge would then instruct holder to produce the documents. If (when) he refuses he will be held in contempt of court. BUT apparently the judge has no power to put him in jail or otherwise enforce the contempt of court charge. Result is that the sob skates scot free.
Mike, you and David have done this country a great service with your efforts to bring this criminal to justice. Thank you.
Kevin III

I have to ask a very rudimentary question….. how much damage has been done to the patriot community because of the ignorance of Mike Vanderboegh and associates? The Justice Department now has documentation of all those that either colluded or supported Vanderboegh in this misguided adventure, we also know Mike has recorded all the phone conversations.

There are now hundreds of patriots that have been led to slaughter, in the past three years the enemies list has been updated and refined, with names, addresses and phone numbers.

Yes most of us are on a list, this is a given. Your merry leader has intentionally placed your families and yourselves in the direct cross hairs of the fascist regime, think about this for a moment. Most if not all of you miscalculated, sadly.

I had posed the question some time back….. Why is Vanderboegh still alive? Now we Know why. It’s called “Rope  Dope” yet in this case there are many “Dope’s” Does Vanderboegh work for the Federal Government? The evidence at hand does not look good for him.

Either Mike is a bumbling idiot and led hundreds of patriots into the lion’s den …….. or he is one of them, pick your poison folks. Yet I have to keep asking this question….. why did he wiretap all of those he surrounds himself with?

Why are there those close to Vanderboegh that continue to attack those in the community that are building? The past three years of  “Fast and Furious” has been a waste of time, what could have been built if the time had not been wasted on a “sparklie” Three years is a very long time.

Tom Baugh recently stated he supported the efforts of Mike and David on F&F, I have to politely disagree, having a basic understanding of just how much our nation has changed since the Watergate area, how on earth could any person come to the conclusion F&F would shake out and the good guys of the USA would win the day.

We are talking about people who had carnal knowledge of Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Oklahoma City Bombing, Vanderboegh and his cohorts KNEW just how corrupt and dirty our government was and is, yet their egos got in the way? Or perhaps it’s much more sinister?

I really feel bad for those in the community that got sucked into this mess, Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr, Obama….. they kill their enemies, we know this to be FACT!

Vanderboegh was given a free ride? I think not. He was used knowingly or unknowingly to rustle the sheep into a pen, I will leave it up to you to figure it out. No I am not waiting for the apologies, because I know better.

A personal note to all of those…. even those close to me that have second guessed me and chided me for the energy and focus I have put into this man and this subject.

  I TOLD YOU SO. Now go find your bricks.

Whitewash. All you need to know about the OIG report in one sentence.

Now we will see if all those promises that the Committee was waiting for the OIG
report merely to impeach it with other documents and witnesses was true — or if
this is the end of the line for the hopes of justice and the rule of law.

outlawpatriot | September 19, 2012 at 21:40 | Reply

It is closed.

This one is from Drudge:

‘Furious’ report slams ‘disregard’ for public safety as DOJ officials quit

Read more:

And this:

THE LAST QUESTION OF THE DAY…… Why did Issa and the House Oversight Committee, Fox News and the ATF agents allow Vanderboegh with all of his baggage…..  involvement in this mess?

This is not over folks, I would highly suggest if you have had involvement with Vanderboegh…… better hope the tapes have been erased.

3 thoughts on “CLIENT #9

  1. Political criminals are never brought to justice. Like I said the other day, Sopesey is just a fly trap. How many Dopes? I think the biggest one behind him is the very DOJ he’s been shooting at. Heh, “torpedo los” indeed…

  2. It’s easier to trust your close friends. I always knew that nothing would come out of this, they trusted their “friends”.
    Keep with your ‘tribe’. Them, you can trust.
    Papa Mike

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