Life never ceases to amaze, I have to admit I have to chuckle when I read the frat boys dissecting their frogs, let’s be honest….. No one Knows shit! Yes we may live in very turbulent times, yet I have yet to see proof of any crystal balls. The point I am trying to make is….. The so called experts are not what they propose.

The fact of the matter is “opinions are like assholes’ well you know the rest of the story…. I should hope. There are indeed basics in regards to prepping and keeping in shape, yet all of the Nostradamus’s in the community seem to think they have some inside scoop as to how it will all go down.

I also have to wonder just how many of the frat boys actually prep? Loud mouth keyboard commandos that have answers for every scenario. How many of the Frat boys do you think even have a garden? I bet next to none.

It cracks me up to see the one frat boy post about his bench pressing and puffing himself up….. Yet not one peep about a garden. You can bench press until you are blue in the face, it will not help you plant a garden by hand.

If you’re a “newbie” remember the patriot community is full of blowhards with ego’s the size of a 747, most are out to make a quick buck and brag about their bench pressing abilities.

Common sense has been tossed out the third floor window, stay far from the Frat Boy Punch Bowl, if you are in the South get your fall gardens in, prep like mad. Please don’t get caught up in the Mickey Mouse bullshit from the frat boys………. remember it is the internet.

Remember this, if you see a whole lot of talking and very little doing……. then you know you are in the den of the Frat Boys, run like hell, do whatever you can to evade the purple super sweetened punch.

I may be hated….. I may not have a large following…….. I do not make money off of selling doom….. Yet not one frat boy has been able to place a chink in my perspective or logic, folks….. Facts are facts! Now go round up your ugly babies.


  1. While some are pumping iron, I will be pumping fuel. Getting the boat right. Getting it running the way it should, which it is almost there. Then I will be pumping a fishing rod, filling my cooler with fish, and my tank with blue crab. Some to be frozen, some to be smoked, and some for supper…

  2. No matter how strong someone thinks they are, there are two things I know for sure they’ll never be able to out-lift; hot lead and an empty belly.


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