Just for the record If Che wanted to match my IP addy to any comment he and his cult followers may think I published…. well we all know he has the capability and the tools. Do you really think Che would not publish the IP addy if he had the chance?

thedweeze said…

Collectivist borg?
I think not.
This smells of Nye/Kerodin, mostly Nye. He’s been drum-beating and poo-flinging for his paltry band of followers lately.

Let me help the punch bowl guzzlers, here is what Che looks like when he visits me daily, and yes I visit his site daily… it’s a dance we do. He has more than enough historical facts to tie my IP addy to any comments I might or might not make… again if the comment belonged to me, Che would have told you so…… instead he would rather his cult followers run mad with their imaginations.

Referring URL:
(No referring link)
Host Name: adsl-98-71-110-72.bhm.bellsouth.net Browser: Safari 5.1
IP Address: — [Label IP Address] Operating System: MacOSX
Location: Pinson, Alabama, United States Resolution: Unknown
Returning Visits: 0 Javascript: Disabled
Visit Length:  Not Applicable ISP: Bellsouth.net

Hey punch bowl guzzlers…… you do understand you are mere lab rats to the man, he uses you everyday to do his dirty work.

I would like to discuss this comment from thedwheeze:

” mostly Nye. He’s been drum-beating and poo-flinging for his paltry band of
followers lately.”

Thedweeze I would be very carefull…… I have already proven one does not need a huge following to expose a fraud…… go sit down with Che and ask himself personally, dispute the facts I present, prove me wrong… I challenge you! You see that is the problem at hand, not one punch bowl guzzler can dispute the FACTS.

If I am lying and printing falsehoods…. PROVE ME WRONG, you can’t. Again that’s the basic core of the issue at hand….. ONE BIG FUCKING PIECE OF SWISS CHEESE.

Now go back to the altar and wash your masters feet, oh yeah he is broke again looking for handouts, time to cough up some more cash for the Cult Leader.

I would like to state again for the record… I carry no mans water, Sam and I are not buddies, there is no master plan to discredit Che, I merely present the data and back up…… Che discredits himself. By the way is the book done yet?  I did a little surfing last night, it looks like the prototypes are being delivered. Key word being DELIVERED.

Too bad Che struggles with such a concept.

1. To produce or achieve what is desired or expected; make good: The senator delivered on her pledge. He is a manager who just
can’t seem to deliver.

Later when I get more time, we shall address Codreas shock that someone would want Che to expire from his Cancer…….. I would be more than happy to post the links of Vanderboegh wishing much the same to a plethora of other folks…….. live by the sword……………………………………………………………………………………………………….>

How Can You Tell When You’re Right?

David shall we see if Vanderboegh can hold up to such scrutiny, when I present the facts and the back up will you recant? David you guys can’t have it both ways. I will in the very near future be presenting the written documentation, I suppose we will allow MY PALTRY BAND OF FOLLOWERS TO DECIDE.
Che and company sure like to dish it out…. yet. Do you realize how fucking easy this is going to be… I can think of dozens of folks Che has wished horrible deaths upon, yet when Che gets to the end of his existence…………. Let’s just call it another documented case of ” Vanderboegh Duplicity”.
One last thought, Vanderboegh and company have made mortal enemies for that past 30 plus years… all the way up to the Oval office,,,,,, and NOW there is shock because a few of them can’t wait to see silver dollars covering Che’s eyelids?


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