The recent sordid events…… has a few so-called patriots hiding behind the skirts of some very despicable creeps, Justin Combs AKA Arctic Patriot another born again hypocrite, careful with the snakes Justin they just might bite. I won’t delve into the dirty deeds and all the players just yet, Sam has a firm grip on that aspect.

Justin you have learned well from your master Vanderboegh, one cool thing about the internet…….. flip-flopping can be proven rather easily. There were some folks that either contacted me directly or sent messages to me through other channels…….. disappointment seemed to be the main focus, the secondary focus perhaps was a request that I not take Justin’s recent actions and girly behavior out of context.

So the Born Again is now a HOLY ROLLER and he like to toss around words like UNREPENTANT and LIARS, seems an odd choice considering his most recent actions.

I have to now ask myself the question……. why this:

Go ahead and click that link….. but, but, but…… Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

Let me help you out with this, why would Justin Combs DELETE the words he wrote, after all it came from his heart, and as a born again it had to be gospel? no?

Here is how it loads as a google page:

The Arctic Patriot: Community Disruption- The Enemy’s Work, Done …

You +1’d this publicly. Undo

Mar 2, 2012 – Parts of said email has now been published on Mike Vanderboegh’s website in an … Resist. Posted by Arctic Patriot at Friday, March 02, 2012 …

Let us see if we can’t find some of that DELETED PAGE perhaps quoted elsewhere.

And what do you know? I found one, rather easily I might add!

“I will say that it is crystal clear that Mike Vanderboegh is promoting divisiveness, and has betrayed the trust of all involved in the private conversation for no reason other than his public self-advancement.  Divisiveness for truth and principle is one thing.  That is not what this is about.  This is about trying to show the world that “I’m right”, and betraying nine people, nine community members, including myself, in the process.”

Now here is the link:

This one as well back to Vanderboegh:

Shall we take a gander at what the Born Again has to say about a comment by JFP in the comment thread?

JFP | March 2, 2012 at 18:36 | Reply

What if, they’re both in on it and secret lovers. Or they work for Cobra, while driving around in the Mystery Machine solving crimes for scooby snacks. Serious questions to ponder.

 I can go on and on if you wish? As I stated earlier it’s rather easy, one last question for Justin…… Where are the links and the e-mails threads that you purport to exist, after all if you are going to accuse Kerodin of such nasty and vile crimes…… I would think you owe it to the community to PROVE your accusations. No?
To those in the community that are willing to brush this nonsense under the carpet… You are just as culpable as the man you allow to spew lies and untruths, the community has a obligation to self police,,,,,, Justin Combs needs to be held accountable and he should be forced to PUT UP OR SHUT UP.
The community is sick, it still has a fever. This is why myself and so many others refuse to link to the 111 percent, Kerodin has done some fine work, yet there is still a sickness that exists within the community.
Hell……. other than Craig, those that attended my PatCom refuse to publicly denounce the ignorance and duplicity, so you see the fever runs deep. I really feel sorry for these folks, those that claim to be patriots and MEN……… yet so many run and hide from conflict and controversy, or they prefer to do the dirty deed behind closed doors.
Who can you count on when things get really hot? The list sadly is very, very short. I don’t begrudge Justin Combs for changing his mind, rather my disgust for him has to do with the lack of honor and conviction, he acted like a snake when he changed his mind.
Justin at some point and time you are going to have to come to terms with your demons, and the sooner the better. You preach so much on dignity, honor and convictions……. yet your actions and deeds demonstrate something else.

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