Back in May of 2009 Vanderboegh offered this challenge:

Most of my “Benedict Arnold” period papers are part of a collection at the Ohio
Historical Society. Look it up. You can look up the statute of limitations too.

A Missed Anniversary: “Vous les Americains Sont Pires que les Francais.”

Here is the link to The Ohio Historical Society:

The Ohio Historical Society

800 E. 17th Avenue Columbus, OH 43211

Phone: 614-297-2300 or Toll Free at 1-800-686-6124

I think the community deserves to see these papers, I also think the media and Fox news needs to see these papers.

Anyone as influential as Vanderboegh who was an admitted member of the PLP…… the nation and the community needs to see these papers.

Interesting take by Vanderboegh on Eric Holder……. considering a once devout commie.

As college student, Eric Holder participated in ‘armed’ takeover of former
Columbia University ROTC office

And now we have this very interesting Vanderboegh Quote:

“I wonder what Eric Holder’s FBI file from the time shows? Was he the subject of an investigation? Was he an FBI snitch? Inquiring minds want to know.”



You see Vanderboegh admits to treasonous crimes, of hating America and wishing harm to her and her citizens….. and worse. Yet he sure does get his rocks off on pointing out someone has a felony conviction.

You tell me who is the snake? It’s rather simple folks.

Now a few famous quotes from Vanderboegh’s article from back in 2009, yes I am aware many have seen this already, perhaps…… a few need a refresher course.

 “I cheered the fall of every province, marking them on a map. This was during my
Benedict Arnold period, when I was a communist and an avowed enemy of the
constitutional republic of the United States.”

“As a member first of the peacenik anti-war movement which I joined in 1967, then later the Students for Democratic Society, the Young Socialist Alliance, the
Socialist Workers Party, the Workers Action Movement and finally the Maoist
Progressive Labor Party, I had demonstrated, leafleted, marched, rioted, been
tear gassed, billy clubbed and briefly, arrested (but later released without
charges), eight years of street-level radicalism, all with an eye toward this

“Toward the end, I became a member of the PLP’s “secret party,” dropped from
public view and on instructions began to organize a “worker’s militia” in
central Ohio. We’d start out vetting new members by having them break into
National Guard armory parking lots and slash vehicle tires. In the end, we’d rob
dope dealers to raise the money to buy weapons, all kinds of weapons.”

“So when Cambodia and South Vietnam fell, I was one of the happiest traitorous
bastards around. I just hoped “the Revolution” would start here in my lifetime”

“My day job, when I wasn’t buying or stealing guns for the communists”


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