The Waffle House Diaries, remember when………………………………… Vanderboegh was arrested for dirty carry, oh how could we forget.

“After what may have been a contrived incident of road rage on someone else’s
part, I was arrested by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department this morning
for possessing a loaded handgun in my vehicle without a permit.”

This is another part of this story that many have not seen yet.

“Well, here it is, 3 o’clock on Christmas morning and I’m up because my wife woke
me at 2 to tell me that my 18-year-old college freshman daughter wasn’t back
from midnight church like she promised. Girl wouldn’t answer her cell phone, and
seeing as how she was out with her new Naval-Academy-bound boyfriend (he’s going
to their prep school in Rhode Island) and was about an hour and a half past the
previously agreed upon time, I began dressing to drive over and roust the boy’s
old man. I mean, if I wasn’t sleeping he wasn’t going to sleep either. Just
about the time I get my second shoe on and grab the keys and the .45, she calls
saying they’ve been talking at the Waffle House. (And, yes, I can hear dishes
clanking in the background.) Well, better than being dead beside the road.”

So the schmuck admits he was going to leave the house while grabbing his .45, how long did it take Che’s enemies to figure out he likes to dirty carry? Pretty smart, no?

The merry leader is not very bright, remember this is the genius that was going to take down the Justice Department, folks this man if he survives his bout with cancer is going to get people killed.

Vanderboegh………… inquiring minds want to know, WHO THE FUCK DO YOU WORK FOR?


  1. I have to admit I kinda lost track of ya after ya closed up shop at the old site so when I see’s the link over at Craig’s last night, I thought I would drop by.
    Shit, I wound up reading for about an hour catching up with all of your merry pranks and wound up laughing out loud several times.

    I saw through that vile motherfucker Vandersleaze after about two visits to his site back when he was playing Agent Provocatuer wanting people to throw rocks through Democratic party windows.

    The reason I was laughing was because of your relentlessly fucking with the old dickhead.

    Highly entertaining dude, highly.
    It’s just gravy that he has some dimwits you can switch hit on just to keep it fresh.
    It sounds to me like the motherfucker has Karma chewing him a new asshole and that suits me just fine.

    What comes around goes around.

    Well I have to go to work so I will quit flapping my gums now but you have a nice day.



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