Shall we discuss Peter Kitty Boy, yes we remember Kitty Boy.

thedweeze said…

Collectivist borg?
I think not.
This smells of Nye/Kerodin, mostly Nye. He’s been drum-beating and poo-flinging for his paltry band of followers lately.

I would like to thank Bill Ford for pointing out this logic, and he is 100% correct.

Bill Ford said…

I am one of those who “lurk” more then post comments. However, I do comment on occasion. Those who think/believe/accuse, without evidence, that the two who made these morally corrupt comments were either Nye or Kerodin are attempting to start a “flame war” where none needs to exist. I know there are differences of opinion and that words have been stated, on both sides, that would have been best left in silence, but I see nothing that would be construed as credible evidence to suggest that the two mentioned stated these horrible comments. Both Mike and Pete (CA at WRSA) started me on a journey to a truth I already knew existed, Kerodin is an extension of that journey along with others. We are our own worst enemies and there are indeed enemies amongst us who wish to see us fight ourselves as opposed to fighting them. Bill

Now let us take a gander at the kind of mischief thedweeze likes to get involved in.

My thanks to thedweeze for pointing out the Prag circle jerk over at Caleb’s
GunNuts site.


Peter you are a coward.

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