His Holiness has given us the pleasure of sharing his finite wisdom yet again.

“I had some fiery defiance on the tip of my tongue, but somehow it fizzled out.  It’s still there, but there’s no use in verbalizing it.

I, for one, do not have any intention of starving to death, or watching my family do so.

It isn’t because we are stashing and hoarding food away, either.

We all die.  If it comes to that, I intend to deserve it.

I am as secure on the field of battle as I am in my bed.”




So am I to understand….. We should not be prepping….. unless it’s guns and ammo? It did not take long to find this.



“I have a bunch of rolled oats, bags of beans, salt, sugar, etc. that I need to
store long-term, and the only space that I have readily available in the place
we’re renting is either a not-sealed-from-mice-and-birds, unheated garage, or a
humid basement.”


“I know some folks use a combination of plastic bags, desiccant packs, and
buckets to store dry goods, but what is the best way?”


“And what about the sugar and salt, flour, etc.?  What’s the best way to store
those long term?  I have limited space to store these items inside the house”


I am very confused…. Are you? Now make damn well sure you read the comments, I would not want to be accused of taking this out of context, you see Justin Combs when given the advice on PREPPING LONG TERM FOOD STORES never once challenged the advice given in his comments section…. why? Because he needed to store FOOD PREPS.


Yet another kernel of wisdom from His Holiness.


HMMMMMM very interesting. Damnnnnnnnnnn I find yet another pearl of wisdom from his Holiness.
Let me get this straight…. Justin claims Long Term Food Preps are a waste? So genius how do are you going to feed your six children? AWWWWWW I see….. I have yet to prove His Holiness buys into the SHTF concept……. this should be rather easy.
Here we go SHAZZAM.
I am really confused now, Justin states he is not going to put up food preps, then he states he has a bunch of food he needs to put up and needs advice, then he claims his children will not starve….. even if he has no long-term food storage…. DOES THIS MEAN HE PLANS ON STEALING FROM OTHERS?
But, but, but, but……… Your Holiness, I thought you said the baby jesus does not want us to steal…… fuck I am confused now. Too bad his Holiness lacks continuity and consistency.
When things get rough remember thieves will not get  their day in court, there will be zero mirandizing, only hard cold JUSTICE. Think about how we handled Horse thief’s and cattle rustlers not so very long ago.
I saved this one for last….. Go read just what Justin thinks of PREPPERS, it very well might blow your mind, the puzzle is coming together, and the community is chock full of folks who think like this, you see we should not fear the zombies as much as we should fear the PATRIOTS.
One final last thought:

7 thoughts on “LOS IMBECILES

    • Craig, What about all of his fancy AR’s? Are they not consumerism and materialism as well? Like I said he is the protege of Che, they both think alike….. DUPLICITY.

  1. I don’t think he’s loaded with the AR’s, but has been changing them into his forte’, pistol included. Justin seems not much different than you, in that he has found a peace with his Lord , and you have done the same and determined your road, not lead by men, but by truth and faith. I’ve noticed your comments are in a different tone than your posts. He seems to be continually searching for “The Answer” and has currently settled in a comfortable if not safe spot. I too, abhor established “denominations” as they all seem to have “The Answer”. Based on what I’ve seen, I do not believe he has “sided” with the filth, but expressed that he was an outcast because of a different viewpoint on “The Constitution” as written. I cannot disagree with that, as our current system is totally broken. You seem to be on a mission, and I applaud that, but I really do not believe that Justin is on of your enemies. I believe that he is still growing. When Sam lists him as an enemy of liberty does not help any of us. If we cannot discuss the issues and behave like gentlemen, then we are all “f’ed”.

  2. Longbeard: I would appreciate it if someone could point me to my post where I called AP an Enemy of Liberty. Not a post where justin “Claims” I did so, but my post, my words, where I said so.

    I’m not saying I didn’t, but I don’t remember it. If I did write it, so be it.

    My original problem with Justin, after a LONG time as an ally, remains private when he had a nutty and called me names in email that were offensive as hell, and he admitted he didn’t even bother to read the post about which he was berating me. That is not how “friends” treat one another.

    My beef with Justin today is that he claims to be such a Godly man, and to my knowledge “Godly Men” do not lie, something about ticking God off. But Justin has lied about me repeatedly across many blogs in recent months, jumping on the “Con Man” meme when he “KNOWS” better, in the real world and in his heart. Ask him about the money he donated to the 527 and was refunded the moment he decided to berate me in email. He claimed he didn’t want it back, and I refunded it anyway – all $24 of it. That isn’t something money-grubbing con men do.

    I really don’t give a damn that he or anyone else lies about me, he will have to answer to his God when the time comes. But as Bill has pointed out clearly, Justin uses his Holiness at his convenience, and flip-flops more than a member of Congress. The only thing more foul that Vanderboegh suckling FedGov taint (I wonder how much all of this cancer is costing us!?) is to watch someone suckle Vanderboegh taint.

    That’s just foul, and I expected more from Justin than to knowingly lie about me.

    But, it is what it is.


    • Sam, my apologies, sir. I do not remember a post off the top of my pea brain where you labled him as such. It very well may have been one of Justin’s. Not knowing any of the back story, should have kept my trap shut. I enjoy your’s and Bill’s work…keep it up and more than likely I’ll just keep lurking, not commenting, especially on things of which I know little or nothing.

      “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.”
      Winston Churchill

      • Longbeard: No worries at all, I wasn’t calling you out. I may well have written such a thing, but I usually remember labelling someone so harshly, especially a former ally. If I was asked today if he was an Enemy of Liberty, having learned what we now know of his posts in recent months, I’d have a hard time finding a reason to say “No”. 😉 Justin’s definition of Liberty, as we have all seen, is malleable, self-serving, and his “Live-and-let-live” gene simply isn’t there.

        Justin, MBV and others have a habit of simply “making stuff up” (or deliberately twisting words) and declaring it as fact, and many readers simply assume it is the truth.

        This is where Bill’s work, especially, is so valuable. Bill has a great memory for the inconsistencies, and where to go find the old words that contradict the new. And Bill has the balls to call ’em on it. 😉

        Bill realized before I did that this “Community” is not one community at all, but a thousand factions, and many of those factions are even more dangerous than FedGov.

        Stay safe, Longbeard.


        • An important lesson I have learned in my short time since waking up and joining the patriot community is that Sam is correct, there are many many faction sects cliques (or whatever else you want to call them). They vary anywhere from MBV and his followers who perform disservices to our community to those that command from their keyboard and deep down don’t care so long as store shelves remain stocked to those that are trying to accomplish something good by creating places for liberty to reside.

          Inevitably those that do good will always be scorned by those who don’t. i.e.
          Patriots who fight for liberty will always be scorned by “patriots” who don’t.

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