Butt Sore Much?

My comment over at WRSA apparently left a big red mark….. I asked Justin from Arctic Patriot an honest question, and he got all butt sore over it……. only because he got caught with his panties around his ankles.

Here let me show you:

theelectorretards | October 12, 2012 at 14:56 | Reply

Buckets of wheat….. main plan? Really? Gardens….. main plan? Really? Justin [last name deleted – WRSA] why don’t you share with us your plan on feeding the 8 mouths in your tribe. Everything is a bad plan to you, please take the time and share with us your expertise on gardening, just how big is your garden?  food preps etc, and surely you must have a better plan in place already? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Just a few weeks ago you were asking about this: http://www.arcticpatriot.com/2012/09/question-for-preppers.html

Now you are here claiming expertise on what is the best way? How could you possibly know what a bad plan is if you don’t even understand how all of the components work?

Bill Nye

I used Justin’s last name in my comment, Justin then asks Pete to remove it….. here:

Arctic Patriot | October 12, 2012 at 15:36 | Reply

Please pull my full name out of this comment, CA.

I still don’t see the drama, to most outsiders it would seem as if I somehow published someones last name and foiled their attempt of internet privacy….. hmmmmm.

Really? Really? Drama indeed, there was a time when AP used his god given name on the interwebs, yes that’s right, you don’t believe me? And it was not that long ago…… still don’t believe me? Well sit tight for a few minutes.

A real simple Google search and guess what pops up? That’s right Justin Combs. Try it for yourself, Google any combination of Arctic Patriot and Justin, or Justin from Arctic Patriot, any combination without using his last name. It’s really stupid if you ask me…… why you ask? Because dipship did it himself, yes. Don’t believe me?

You see the butt soreness has more to do with buyers regret.



Now this:

BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT……http://www.arcticpatriot.com/2012/05/bank-of-america-declaration.html it’s been scrubbed, same tactics as Vanderboegh.

That’s right it has been scrubbed. Yet we are not done. And who do you think contacted the media? Hmmmmmmmm, count just how many times the author states ” ACCORDING TO COMBS”


Bank of America, the nation’s largest banking institution, is under fire from a patriot group for various infractions, including a corporate stance against the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, according to Justin Combs of Arctic Patriot.”

“Combs is one among several concerned citizens who are circulating a declaration that calls on Americans to close their accounts, sell their stock, and cease doing any business at all with Bank of America.”

“While Combs states that Bank of America is not the source of the problem in the banking industry, it is a big part of it due to its sheer size and its willingness to throw its weight behind politicians who work to undermine the protected rights of the people as delineated in the Constitution.”

“Of particular concern to Combs and others who have signed the declaration is the bank’s contention that gun rights are not consistent with its official Code of Ethics, according to the posting at Arctic Patriot.”  <<has been scrubbed

My name is on that list, I was not made aware that AP/ Justin Combs spoke for me.
“According to Combs, the motivation for the group’s actions against Bank of America”
I will ask this question…. did I spitefully out Justin concerning his last name? That would be rather hard to do considering………………… open mouth wide and insert foot. Buyers remorse indeed.

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