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I have thought long and hard, I have a few scores to settle. It is a private matter, none the less I am through turning the other cheek. My blog will reflect my new outlook on life. I have shed most of my insecurities and modesties, after all we have such a short amount of time left.

I make one promise in regards to my new avenue, it will be raw and it will be shocking, many in our community that had disregards for me in the past… well hang the fuck on it’s going to be a wild bumpy ride. I will make zero apologies, nor excuses. We live in a fucked up world and I have every intention of operating and navigating in the Psychosis of what we now have come to understand as America…

I have met some really Patriotic MEN, I have also met some sniveling pseudo intellectual cowards, Sopesy…. lessons learned for all involved, he won’t be with us much longer to waste any more time on him, he has gone to pasture, and will live out his final days excepting his tax-free cash to help pay for his meds. Frat boys… don’t like what I have to say… well then go fuck yourselves.

In the next few days I will be igniting a few fires, I kept my mouth shut in regards to the traitors among us and of our nation and liberties, no longer. As I said I am going to be raw and I am going to be outright fucking rude, We are living in very troubling times, and I have a whole lot to say about it. BTW I am going to vote in the upcoming general election, yet I will be pulling zero levers nor pushing a button… more later.

I don’t know, nor do you if we will be alive three months from now let alone a year, the tyranny we are witnessing must be countered, and I have a few ideas… more later. I have decided to take charge of my destiny, we all understand what this means, no I am not stepping off of the green.

In regards to the Zulu Pigmy Warriors out there… GO RIGHT AHEAD AND BURN THE BITCH DOWN,,, Many of us are waiting, and we are very well prepared. The lessons you have taught us, over and over again… You fuckers can’t nor will you live among us in peace, those days are over. We intend on protecting what is our, family and property.

It ain’t my issue or problem as to what happened to your great great great grand pappy, look within, grow a pair to understand it was the Muslims and your own kind that bound you in chains, I had nothing to do with it, neither did any other fucking white person living in America today.

Hard working black men just like their white counterparts do well in America, it’s the lazy stupid fuckers that rape, steal and burn shit to the ground….. white and black.

See you in the funny papers.

Bill Nye

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