There are those in the community apparenty with weak stomaches, they will chatter away and pound on their keyboards, wailing and screaming about  just how fucked up our government and our society is. And they happen to be correct, unfortunately these folks hold a disdain for the truth.

The so called Patriot community is a microcosim of the very world they knash their teeth about. Stone cold facts and logic matters not…. just as long as the punch bowl is refreshed from time to time. Preppers an Patriots, I am afraid it’s merely an oxymoron. The tribal leaders and theri captains know exactly what they are doing.

There are also those in the community that work behind the scenes, passing out their own brand of super sweetened punch, oh the flavors of the punch may vary from one faction to another, but in the long run it’s the same pimp juice.

I recieve alot of heat for the work that I do, I get zero return for it. My investment most would claim is crazy, why would he do it? Why does he continue? There is no way to measure success other than the amount of heat one is taking.

I would like to share something Sam Kerodin wrote the other day in a comment on one of my articles / posts.

Justin, MBV and others have a habit of simply “making stuff up” (or deliberately twisting words) and declaring it as fact, and many readers simply assume it is the truth.

This is where Bill’s work, especially, is so valuable.  Bill has a great memory for the inconsistencies, and where to go find the old words that contradict the new.  And Bill has the balls to call ‘em on it.  ;)

Bill realized before I did that this “Community” is not one community at all, but a thousand factions, and many of those factions are even more dangerous than FedGov.

Call it ” self grandizing” It really does not matter …… the man is spot on.

You folks can keep your NRA and your Oath Keppers, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Just another faction seeking power, just like many in the so called community. There are also the self proclaimed Wise Owls, that lurk and post anonymously.

Hell am I so damn niave to think I am going to change anything? Perhaps my goal is not to make change. So many of the Wise Owls spew thier garbage in regards to my intentions and or goals. Little do they know.

The weak ones are being cherry picked every day, the factions are willing to increase their membership hook and crook.

Supply and demand lessons:

Numbers are important, a local tribe is important. The weak ones do not get culled, no the weak ones are very important to the so called Wise Owls, these members typically are willing to die off first for the idiology, soldiers willing to do what ever they are told only after quarts of the idiolocical punch has been consumed, it matters not if the trees look exactly like the forest.

Some of the wise old owls cannot recruit in the main stream, they must do it subvertly, while others like Vanderboegh and Justin Combs take zero issues with the main stream, unfortunatley they were not prepared for scrutiny, facts and historical data are a bitch.

I have spent many hours placing the facts and the truth in front of your noses, I always backed up my claims with their own words and deeds. I asked openly for anyone to prove me wrong, instead of critical thinking and research many spewed lies and mistruths, downright nasty desperate behavior.

There are very little resources availible…… building tribe is a very difficult thing to accomplish, there are simpy far too few of the sheep that are willing to stand up, this is  the crux of where we are today…. supply and demand, and the factions fighting tooth and nail for the leftovers.

Go back ( not that you will ) and look and Vanderboegh and his work, now look at his reactions anytime another Patriot Fact came near his camp, one would have thought a mama grizzley had just lost her cub to the predators.

The factions also can’t get along, this is because of supply and demand as well, too few resources. We all understand what is coming, although no one can predict the exact timing. Being surrounded by like minded people is of the utmost importance, yet you will not find them next door, likely they are not your neighbors or your co-workers.

After a long converstaion with Craig / Mayberry yesterday….. Craig pointed something out that had escaped me up until now…… Sam Kerodin and his successful intrgration into the community and pulling together the Citidel had more to do with protecting some of the like minded folks from the FACTIONS and not neccessarily the JBT.

In the long run it has become evident that our worst enemies are omongst us already fighting for the most valuable resource……… humans.

My attemps at building my own Local, Local, Local failed. I had help with my failings then and now. I stuck my neck out there and I paid in spades…… I would do it all over again exactly as I did the first time.

I am left with only one option….. KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!! My family and I might end up in Idaho, or we might not, one thing for sure…… the lies will continue to be exposed regardless.

In closing make damn well sure you pick the right faction……. and it’s not an easy decision. When things go hot your immediate fear need not be DHS or FEMA nor the LEO……. your focus will need to be on your FELLOW PATRIOTS.

I will leave you with a few quotes from Charle Darwin:

“I am not apt to follow blindly the lead of other men”
Charles Darwin

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”
Charles Darwin

“If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.”
Charles Darwin

“A fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question.” Charles Darwin”
Charles Darwin

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”
Charles Darwin

10 thoughts on “JOE DIRT

  1. As far as I’m concerned , Sam Kerodin and the Citadel community is the best bet I’ve heard anywhere. I want to be a part of the Citadel so bad I can taste it. I will be part of it.
    Papa Mike

  2. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Your efforts are not the only ones that failed. The whole American experiment has failed. Miserably… But it wasn’t for lack of trying. As you said, KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!!

  3. Bill, I don’t think you failed at all. From what I can tell, the PATCON(M)s were a blazing success. I know the one in Georgia was. That inspiration was all you. Whether you do the Citadel thing or not, you’ve got that notch on your belt.


    • Oh, and those PATCON(M)s led to TL’s Liberty Summit in Mercer, which is where a lot of those people met Sam, and so, in a way, you get some credit for the III Citadel, too…


      • Tom, I can’t nor would I take credit for work that was not mine. Sam and company deserve the credit for THEIR work. My failure was on a local level of building tribe. Just for the record. In regards to credit for the PatCom I lived up to my word, I took zero credit for any of it. Unlike some others that tramped around the countryside on other peoples dime. Factions Tom Factions :-\

        Some prefer the lab rat status.

        Sent from my Verizon Wireless Device

        • I seem to remember that the offer was put forth by you, for certain people to attend. Even offering plane fare, if need be, for certain individuals to attend. If you haven’t been able to hook up since then, seems a problem on your part, as you’re a “Texan” and would not seem to be real difficult, as you had all the contact info. I met with your now “enemy” some month’s back and he had nothing but positive’s to say about you. Not real familiar with the backstory, but seems everyone else involved with your PATCOM is OK with your new Texas resident , aside from you and possibly (he’s been awfully, amazingly silent about this) Craig. You say you tote no one’s water, but it seems that your and Sam’s posts are extremely similar and you seem to be alienating folks who would and could have your back but all you seem concerned with is lashing out at allies who could and would have your back. As an outsider, I would just ask you to reconsider….(No friend of SSI).

  4. My door will always be open when I get to Idaho. It’s open now in WV. As I mentioned before, MBV has separated the weak from the chaff for us, and given us a better quality of Patriot to choose from, sending them our way by not letting them in his club.

  5. Bill: You and yours are welcome in Idaho anytime you choose to arrive.

    Right now it is a flat spot carved out of a mountainside, and you are welcome to a piece of it.

    Soon, it will be a thriving 20 acres where Miller & Company run III Arms.

    One day, it will be something else, when the full Citadel is built, and you are welcome there, too.


  6. Bill,

    Check your email.

    On another note, your PATCON inspired ours in Ohio.
    Granted ours was primarily Militia folks, there were a BIG bunch of Threepers, Preppers, Liberty advocates and 2nd Amendment types there. You can not deny the inspiration to others even if you deny “credit”.

    Finally, we all know there are many APs, CIs, Feds and crooks in the various Movements.
    If I let that cause dissension or fear in my AO we would never get anything done. If I had a dollar for every personality conflict with others on the road to the ruckus, or every “ally” that fell by the wayside or took another path I could buy us all a steak dinner.

    I would only say we have enough enemies outside and inside the Movement with making new ones over doctrinal or minor issues. I need to be humble enough to recognize that others may be serving a purpose that I can’t see at the moment and let them go their way in peace.

    However when they directly attack me or mine then all bets are off.

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