WordPress is still giving me fits, it’s all good! I am in the middle of planting 15 half-gallon black berry plants and 11 blue berry plants, I am still buying up bulk garden seed, and if all goes well my ground to ground hoop house should be installed next week.

I found a local manufacturer out here in the sticks, quite reasonable too. I am going to purchase two frames 20′ long with a width of 14′ and a ht. of 8′ at the apex. I have to buy the green house plastic by the roll, so I might as well buy two frames. I might stop in today to look at other sizes, I would rather have two smaller frames.

I am going to have to sell a gun or two to make the purchase, I will be offering vegetable seedlings on a local level. If anyone is interested in a few guns…. e-mail me.

As soon as Craig gets up and running I will be supporting his new venture with a few purchases of my own from him. I really like the inexpensive water filters and the stills.


3 thoughts on “KEEP ON……… KEEPING ON

  1. Nice. I’m thinking I’m going to get one of those up this year, not that fancy as I’m planning on bugging out soon, but when I get where I’m going there will be a permanent greenhouse.

  2. Working on becoming a “distributor” for those filters. All depends on the minimum purchase, should find out by tomorrow…

  3. Nice green house Bill. Can you shoot me the name of the guy that has them? I am working on some muscadine vines right now. Lemon trees are blooming like crazy. Plus I am trying to work a trade deal on a couple of hives of honey bees.

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