Very interesting….. The forked tongue Born Agains. Here we have Justin Combs from the Blog “Arctic Patriot” goading others in his comment stream to restrict or impede my freedom of speech by having my blog shut down…… Freedom Fighter? Patriot? Oh no folks just another enemy of the state.

Justin Combs author of the Arctic Patriot Blog feels I have been too harsh in pointing out his inconsistencies and un-truths, yet we have a rather exquisite example of Mr. Combs duplicity as he skewers Oleg Volk for his political view points of our current situation.

I am so very confused at the moment….. can someone please help explain? Freedom Fighter? Patriot? Justin Combs can’t stand to have his work scrutinized, he goes so far as to place a lock on his former writings and historical data.

In the long run I suppose the expectations should be ” SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. Instead we have the behind the scenes editing and scrubbing of earlier work.


  1. For someone that has gotten religion. Why is he (Justin) being so judgemental……that’s a sin Justin. Let God sort it out. that’s not your job. Be happy in your life, don’t worry about someone elses life. When you gain perfection, then you can be judgemental. But you’re along way from that.
    Papa Mike

    • Which is exactly why I don’t participate in organized religion. I find most of their membership to be extremely judgemental and hypocritical. The born agains tend to be the worst offenders…

      • You paint with a very broad brush with that statement. Not about organized religion per se, but “born agains”. I submit that most following organized religion are followers, but some of the “born agains” are actually searching and seeking the truth. Not taking up for, or toting Justin’s water, but he has seemed to be searching for that truth, and as things come, things change. Perspectives also change. To view that and bash that within a few month’s is dishonest at best. Hell, this site takes on different tones consistently, as does yours. Just because someone is searching and learning does not make them an enemy. I fight those demons everyday.

        • That in and of itself does not make one an enemy. What I mean is that the born agains tend to be very pious, self righteous, judgemental, and rather preachy. I do live in the heart of Baptist country, and they have no qualms about preaching to folks, and pointing out all their “sins”. Well I drink, I smoke, I cuss, and that’s not going to change.

          Yes my blog takes different tones, and that is because my mind is open. I take in information, process it, and draw my own conclusions from it. I’m a pragmatical bastard, and that puts a lot of folks off, but that’s how my mind works. I focus on facts as I understand them until somebody shows me different with facts of their own. Experience counts more to me than anything, and my experience with organized religion has not been positiveSomesomething one.

          • My comment is fucked up because I couldn’t see what I was typing at the bottom, it wouldn’t scroll. Tried to type “something is fucked up with the comments” and it wove its way into my post, so just ignore that bit of gobbeldygook…

            • All I’m saying is that there are born agains who hold the philosophy of a relationship with Christ, versus a “crusade”, which I think you are saying. I agree with that as you’ve stated. I’m not one to point out “splinters in other’s eyes” as I have “log’s” in my own, mostly as you descibed the things you do and I do the same usually. I, based on what I’ve read on your, Bill’s, Dio’s, AP’s, Sam’s sites believe that ya’ll are good folks. I just get tired of the circular firing squad (jerk), that seems to be constant, amongst allies these days, when possibly we need to be bringing the wagons together in formation. No one is going to have all the answers or all the opinions that make this work. I’ve watched both sides of this and can reasonably expect that if you don’t agree with differing sides, one way or the other, then you’re an outcast. It’s a shame, because there are many out here in the netherworld, that are of the same opinion. As Bill has stated, I will carry no one’s water, which I believe is where you are going to find the greatest number of folks. None of us is going to be in harmony when it comes to an end, there will have to be concessions on everyone’s part, or none of “The Great Experiment” will work.

  2. Longbeard: Just one comment about your line above “I just get tired of the circular firing squad (jerk), that seems to be constant, amongst allies these days, when possibly we need to be bringing the wagons together in formation.”

    I have found that many who claim to be III, or “Patriots” or whatever label they claim, are *not* true *allies*, and inviting them into your circle of wagons will have you stabbed in the back.

    In my past with Justin, I know this to be a fact. To this day I have never mentioned the details online, but I know the truth, he knows the truth, and his God knows the truth, and still he offers cheap lies to the public about me. Justin is “morally outraged” and “principled” only when it is convenient for his public image of the moment.


    • Sorry for the delay as I’m pretty much confined to commenting later due to work restrictions. K, I’m not arguing your point about allies, as it were, but in the founding days, there were differing opinions, federalist vs. non-federalists, as an example. My only point in this is, it seems that we slay somewhat likeminded folks based on where they comment, or what they comment on, or what they post, which doesn’t discount liberty, or the III movement, but seems more based on personal items, as you have said. I have no desire to know those, as they are personal, but it seems that on this blog (one of my favorites) as well as your’s, if you do not hold to certain stringent interpretations of said beloved Constitutional document, then it’s be gone and away with you. An example..I commented on a post by Tam yesterday about the kerfuffle with the Indiana (R) candidate answering a question about the third rail of abortion. He (Murdouch) answered based on his belief. He is now being skewered for answering a question based on his belief. My question to her and to any claiming the banner of liberty or libertarian is, where are the protected God given rights of that child or any unborn child. You can hear the crickets chirping. The one’s claiming “liberty for all”, only mean it that half-assed. I only bring that up to point out that there are differing viewpoints, and maybe all need to be considered, not discounted.

      • “if you do not hold to certain stringent interpretations of said beloved Constitutional document, then it’s be gone and away with you.”

        Can you please give me one example? Please quote my comments, with a link to my page where I made such comments.
        Thank You.

        • Not your’s. That was a reply to Sam. I’m an idiot to digging up what you guy’s find. I either don’t have the patience or the time or the expertice, not sure which, but I seem to remember a discussion Sam had with someone else, about the Constitution as written. That’s all that the comment entailed, so relax and enjoy the ride, or join in for a good discussion of the federalist’s vs. anti-federalist’s discussions. K can correct me if I’m mistaken about the comment of “as written”, considering said beloeved Constitution.

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