People come and people go, relationships change and so do viewpoints & perspectives.

Obvious Moniker was the co-author Of Dio’s place, what I found interesting was this……

I take zero exception to anyone helping another person, good for ya I say…. But please do some homework first. Apparently the folks over at Dio’ s place have been reading Che’s and Justin’s playbook.

Jesus H Christ… man the fuck up and act like the patriots you claim to be… Each one of you writes articles and post links on subjects that oppose they way you think, goose and gander? Can’t handle the heat? Then stay the fuck out of the kitchen.

You folks will tear any person to shreds or subject that does not meet your exacting standards, yet….. when the focus is on your inconsistencies, well lets just say… assume the fetal position and close the shutters so no one can look in.

What the hell are you girlie men going to do when things get real fucking heated? Cry for your mama’s? Jesus things are still relatively calm and the patriots are sucking thumbs and crying “Not Fair”… Foul, Foul, FOUL…….. he kicked me ref.

Challenge the weak and they spit up their apple sauce and pureed peas.


  1. Huzzah!

    All I can say to REAL Patriots is do your best to vet your Tribe, and be willing to cut loose everyone who proves to be pantywaste. And as we have seen, there is a LOT of pantywaste in the “Liberty Movement”.

    But the cowards who scrub their own sites and don’t have the balls to defend their own words are just about the most pathetic and wretched among us.

    The only people lower are those who “Preach” about Liberty and 1A while trying to shut down sites . The hypocrisy is foul and is sufficiently tyrannical that good people should shun such

  2. I find this post amazing as I remember Bill offering a plane ride for the person that is now thrown out with the garbage. I also remember that he and the “tribe” wanted said “girlie man” to represent that 1st Patcom at other events, or am I dreaming. This crap is why there will never be more than a few true believers. This is no different than the original III, and you need to wrap your heads around that. Until you honestly believe that all are free men, you will not be able to round up followers. Everything posted as of late reeks of “it’s my way or the highway”. You need to really think about driving the wedge in the big log, as I believe you will have more against than in favor of the tactics. As a newbie, I have seen that it is best left up to me and my own, as the daggers seem to fly often and quickly. I thought I had found a brotherhood of like minds, that with a few hours travel, could back someone up, but it seems to be a fool’s errand.

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