Shall we take a stroll in the park today?

“There’s a clear caution visible here about not becoming the image of one’s

“Not becoming what one hates, because of that hate.”

means The Enemy has won.”

“Having said that, there must be
consequences to certain actions, or they will always continue.”


Interesting philosophy, Justin Combs from The Arctic Patriot blog seems a tad confused, let us take a look.


Remember Hitler was also a Christian:


Now head over to WRSA for the latest article of DUPLICITY penned by our ” I AM WARRIOR” himself Justin Combs.


One thought on “LEADERS MUCH IS BEING SAID THESE DAYS- open mouth insert foot

  1. The link provided, paints Hitler more as a non-believer, more than a believer, and totally against what Scripture teaches. The link shows that he pretty much had abandoned his faith and took to the belief that the “Jews” had killed Christ, which is a fallacy. They were an instrument, part of the great execution no doubt, but that does not make them “God killers”, as documented. Part of the plan. See, according to what I’ve read, as documented by many eyewitnesses at that time, Christ came back to instruct certain individuals. Never was an us vs. them game. Never was an us vs. them phlosophy. It’s that you’re all in or none, no religious affiliation, just you believe or do not…No jews vs. anyone..This is he problem with the money game being played by these denominations, Catholic vs. Baptist vs. Methodist vs. Pentacostals vs. whomever, Christ never talked about “denominations”, he talked about relationships. His meetings with “church” leaders were highly contensious, his meeetings with “sinners”, not so much. My hope and desire, if people want to spout Christ, is that they would actually read the teachings of Christ, then compare them to the other beliefs out there. Do not base them on what comes from a church or a “temple”. Dig and seek for your self. Learn some Greek, which was actually where most of the NT came from. Very colorful compared to our language, also very explanitory. Just because certain people like “Hitler” call’s themselves Christians, does not make it so. I do not believe that Jeremiah Wright will be first in line for any reward, nor Hitler, nor Jim Jones, nor many who proclaim to be speakers of the Word. Those who proclaim insight will be judged much harsher than the flock, based on Scripture. In that, I thank God that I am not a leader.

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