“Snitch!” “Provocateur!” “Commie!” “Coward!” “Nazi!” “Hypocrite!” “Racist!” “Murderer!” “Anti-Semite!” “Con artist!” “Jew lover!” “Psycho!”“Fed!”


Exaggeration is a representation of something in an excessive manner. The exaggerator has been a familiar figure in Western culture since at least Aristotle‘s discussion of the alazon: ‘the boaster is regarded as one who pretends to have distinguished qualities which he possesses either not at all or to a lesser degree than he pretends…exaggerating’.[1]

Contexts of exaggeration include:


The boasting and bragging by arrogant or manipulative people has been sent up on stage since the first appearance of the alazon – ‘a stock character in Greek comedy’.[2] Inflated praise in the form of flattery and puffery has a similarly lengthy history.[3]

Amplifying achievements, obstacles and problems to seek attention is an everyday occurrence, as ‘in exaggerating what one feels by magnifying the emotional expression: this is the ploy used by the six-year-old who dramatically twists her face into a pathetic frown, lips quivering, as she runs to complain to her mother about being teased’.[4]

Exaggerating is also a type of deception,[5] as well as a means of malingering – magnifying small injuries or discomforts as an excuse to avoid responsibilities.[6]

Cognitive distortions

Cognitive behavioral therapy views magnification (as opposed to minimization) as unconscious, unrealistic mental processing or cognitive distortion, which can take the form of probability overestimation or of catastrophizing. This is better known as ‘making a big deal out of nothing.’ ‘Whereas probability overestimation refers to exaggerating the “likelihood” of an event, catastrophizing refers to exaggerating the “importance” of the event’.[7] Closely related ‘is overgeneralizing. You take a single negative event and see it as a never-ending pattern of defeat’.[8]

Another form of cognitive exaggeration is inflation of the difficulty of achieving a goal after attaining it, possibly to improve self-esteem.[9]

In depression, exaggerated all-or-nothing thinking can form a self-reinforcing cycle: ‘these thoughts might be called emotional amplifiers because, as they go around and around, they become more intense….Here are some typical all-or-nothing thoughts:

  • My efforts are either a success or they are an abject failure
  • I am/other people are either all good or all bad
  • if you’re not with us, you’re against us’.[10]

Does this sound like anyone we know? Here let me help you……………………………………

You may be right. I exaggerate quite often, when I should not, to emphasize a

Now if you guessed Justin Combs from the blog Arctic Patriot……..Spot on! I suppose while we are at it we should take a gander at the Frog Cutters and their most recent work. Jumpin Jesus the frog cutters have now lit the pile of frog mush on fire>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Make sure you read the entire comment thread: http://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2012/10/28/on-the-tolerance-of-allies/

Most have already seen this as well, yet I must ask the same questions as Sam K.

“When you advocate 1A rights, when you pound upon the altar of patriotism that 1A
is not only a Constitutional Right, but a Right of Natural Law, and then you
call for a website that is critical of you to be shut down for obscenity (or any
other reason), you demonstrate that you are a hypocrite of the highest order. 
Every 1A advocate who remains at your shoulder who knows the truth about you is
being intellectually dishonest, and is equally guilty.”

Now take a close look at what Sam is referring to, again read the entire comment thread, not one person will say a word about Justin Combs and his DUPLICITY, shutting down blogs indeed, a real American Hero:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


They twist and turn the truth with their wicked words, they hide in the dark from the scrutiny that sheds light on their spineless behaviors and deeds.










You can find all of the answers here in this simple, quaint post: http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/2012/10/remembrance-and-regret_26.html













As the frog cutters continue to scrape and claw to see who gets to sit on the throne next…. I would expect some amount of blood loss, after all their master Che taught them all very well, even on his death-bed Che continues to poison the water well.


If you fail to see the connection…… you are blind, here let me help you.


Now shall we take a small stroll over to dogfortess’s other blog?





You see it’s all connected, all of it. Patriots? No folks…….. Cowards!

7 thoughts on ““Snitch!” “Provocateur!” “Commie!” “Coward!” “Nazi!” “Hypocrite!” “Racist!” “Murderer!” “Anti-Semite!” “Con artist!” “Jew lover!” “Psycho!”“Fed!”

  1. Krikies, the gov should give up on waterboarding, instead just make their prisoners read 69 comments at wrsa……why do people have to make it so damn hard, tell me that.

      • Lol. Right?? The worst part was reading it on my IPhone.
        “This is the post that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on my friends… Some people started singing it…”

    • The only thing we can depend on them for is to stab us in the back, thankfully we’d be able to ward that off while they’re pontificating which to use, a knife or a bayonet, who invented the knife and the bayonet, when it was first used, blah, blah, blah……..snore.

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