The frat boys are far too stupid to comprehend the fact that they are being used as lab rats by a certain few, many did not comment or left silly snippets because they are in on it as well…… say it isn’t so Justin Combs from the Arctic Patriot Blog.

Those that participated and those that refused to take part as lab rats….. were all part of the experiment. And yes this has been going on for some time by a certain few, it is a coördinated effort….. Granted, Folks  Justin Combs is not one of the ring leaders he is far too stupid, it’s his followers the ring leaders are after.

Think about Che’s work for years, Che had handlers….. he is no longer valuable to them. Why? Well you know why…….. Justin Combs has a similar problem as Che, he places his foot into his mouth far too many times…… the patterns become far too easy to spot.

When the patterns are pointed out to the sheeple, all of that hard work has a potential to become wasted.

Carry on BOOTS.


Behavioral engineering is intended to identify issues associated with the interface of technology and the human operators in a system and to generate recommended design practices that consider the strengths and limitations of the human operators.

“The behavior of the individual has been shaped according to revelations of ‘good conduct’ never as the result of experimental study.”

Watson wrote in 1924 “Behaviorism … holds that the subject matter of human psychology is the behavior of the human being. Behaviorism claims that consciousness is neither a definite nor a usable concept.”[1]

This approach is often used in organizational behavior management, which is behavior analysis applied to organizations and behavioral community psychology.


Success of approach

Behavioral engineering has been used to increase safety in organizations (see Behavior-based safety).[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] Other areas include performance in organization[10] and lessening problems in prison.[11] In addition, it has had some success in social service systems,[12] understanding the long term effects of humans in space[13] and developing the human landscape,[14][15] understanding political behavior in organizations,[16] and understanding how organizations function.[17]

It has also been successful in helping individuals to set goals[18] and manage pay systems.[19] Behavioral engineering has also been applied to social welfare policy.[20]

In the school system behavioral engineering has inspired two programs of behavior management based on the principles of applied behavior analysis in a social learning format.[21][22][23] Programs were successful in reducing disruption in children with conduct disorders, as well as improving their academic achievement. The programs show good maintenance and generalization of treatment effects when the child was returned to the natural classroom.[24] In addition, the programs were successfully replicated.[25][26][23][21][22][27] Behavior analytic programs continued to function to control truency and reduce delinquency.[28]

The journal Behavioral Engineering was published from 1973–1985. Many of the topics of behavioral engineering are now covered in the journal Behavior and Social Issues and The Behavior Analyst Today.













Experimental psychology refers to work done by those who apply experimental methods to the study of behavior and the processes that underlie it. Experimental psychologists employ human participants and animal subjects to study a great many topics, including, among others sensation & perception, memory, cognition, learning, motivation, emotion; developmental processes, social psychology, and the neural substrates of all of these.[1]



  1. Too many people have very short memories. It was not long ago this entire bunch was busted publicly for trying to manipulate bloggers and readers with behind-the-scenes games and “Jerry Springer moments” that were all for show. Lab rats indeed.

    This is nothing more than a revised attempt to do it again. More “Let’s do this and see how they react, then we can do X, or Y”.

    Pathetic. But even worse are the people who failed to learn the first time. The gene pool is better without them.


  2. I suppose I’m with Kerodin, but I do kind of understand AP as I was much like him in buying into the left/right and us vs.them paradigm.
    My reason for being a III is I believe no one can live my life better than I can and the only way to I can be free is going back to the “Original Intent” of the USA’s founding documents and get myself out of the games the PTBs play.
    Yes a few folks have opened my eyes and a few piss me off, but they ain’t worth it, until they move to true individual freedom. The PTBs may torture, jail or kill me and hound me to the ends of the earth. But they cannot stop me from MY pursuit of Happiness, if I don’t let them.
    I am free! because God and I say I am free. I am free to reap the benefits and pay the costs.
    The only thing I have to do in this life is DIE! Everything else is a choice. That is freedom!

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