Bill Fletcher I am not sure if you have access to the internet at your current residence, I still want to share a few thoughts with you. You tried to interrupt my ability to support my family, you posted my cell phone number over at WRSA in a comment thread, sadly not one of the Frat Boys would say a word, no they all but condoned the behavior.

The non stop phone calls and threatening voice mails, not to mention the crap you posted all over in the community. The threats of linking me to web porn….. and the list goes on and on, the jury is still out in regards to why my phone number stayed up over at WRSA for as long as it did, that’s a battle for a later date, I will tuck that one away for now.

I hope you are comfortable Bill, I hope the food is hot. I also hope you get released, I would like to see your integration back into the Patriot Community, this way you and I will be able to get reacquainted  at a later date. If things go hot perhaps you and I might bump into each other some where.

Bill Fletcher you and I have a score to settle. It would be rather unfortunate if the PTB decided you were a danger to society and yourself. Sometimes Karma is not enough, satisfaction can not always be quenched with Karma….. sometimes Karma needs a little prodding.

Be a good little prisoner Bill Fletcher, we need you on the outside. If you need a character witness for bail purposes give me a jingle, after all you know the number.

Bill make sure you keep in touch with Mark I am sure he and his lovely bride are concerned.

Bill Fletcher | May 1, 2012 at 02:53 | Reply

5 thoughts on “HOUSE OF IMBECILES

  1. Looks as though he’s renigged. Wow. A picture is worth a thousand words. I have no doubt that man would probably shoot me point blank in my pretty little forehead. Good for you for extending yourself to him. I doubt I could do the same.

  2. uhm…not to be the spelling police but…

    re·nege (r-ng, -ng) (REE-neg)
    v. re·neged, re·neg·ing, re·neges
    1. To fail to carry out a promise or commitment: reneged on the contract at the last minute.
    2. Games To fail to follow suit in cards when able and required by the rules to do so.
    To renounce; disown.
    The act of reneging. He reneged on his contract.

    Sorry, just had to do it Jes.

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