The frat boys are taking some heat, and rightfully so. You see the majority of us are not cut from the same cloth as the frat boys, we sit and watch the circular firing squad day in and day out. The pseudo intellectuals can’t stomach the unwashed, look around you very closely…… does your real world look like a bunch of circle jerkers who debate ad nauseam over minutia?

I work in the construction industry, I worked my way up to positions of Construction Management, I have witnessed the so-called professionals day in and day out, and they fuck everything up that they touch, all the while pointing fingers at the unwashed. I see the same behaviors here in the so-called Patriot Community.

True doers do not need to dissect the frog until it’s mush, we may not have the fancy vernacular, we do not sit around for hours debating the color of the blue sky. I used to snicker to myself as I would sit in meetings and watch the so-called professionals with their A&M rings gleaming in the sunlight as yet another meeting was scheduled to resolve the issues of the failed meeting we had just concluded.

Somehow logic has been allowed to leave the building, ego now rules the day. It’s sad. Intent is a strange word, it’s a scapegoat word in my profession….. “well the architects INTENT should have been very clear to establish” The same holds true for the Frat Boys….. and want to be frat boys.

I take a lot of heat in regards to my work on Vanderboegh, to this day not one of my detractors has ever tried to prove me wrong, why? Because they couldn’t. Instead they did everything they could to discredit and destroy me. I am a goal orientated type person, I prefer to see results, I learned long ago most folks prefer to spray silicone down their backsides rather than take on any amount of responsibility.

Ask yourself if the assessments were accurate…… Was Gunwalker a sparklie? We know damn well it was. The frat boys have moved beyond Gunwalker and they are now embroiled in the dissection of the new frog carcass. The structure or hierarchy in the Patriot Community does not like to be questioned….. Who made them the kings? I would like a recount!

What happened to Kerodin gets broomed under the carpet, it was despicable behavior, and it is still happening.

Kerodin, Tom B., Sebastian, who is next on the list if you challenge the so-called establishment of the Patriot Community? Yes secret cabals working in dark damp rooms plotting to keep their perceived status.

Folks we do not look nor talk or act like the Frat Boys in our daily life, regardless of how bad things may get…. I will not coöperate with the frog cutters, their true colors are very apparent. No I will take my chances with the common folks that do not use big words and feel the need for self-importance.

As a boy I remember the stories of the returning Vets from Vietnam, lieutenants being shot in the back is the one that had the most impact on me, the common folks are NOT going to put up with a bunch of fancy talking frat boys who think they know it all, I suppose the wild hogs need to eat as well, I just hope the pigs don’t spit them out.

Keep dissecting that frog fellas……. when the world gets real for all of us, I hope to god you change your behavior. I have to run, it’s cold out and I need to slip on a pair of overalls.

Sandman I hope you now understand, sometimes it’s a harsh reality. Keep on Keeping on!! Calling a spade a spade will never win you friends.

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