Peter thanks for the inspiration, here is a re-post for you….. seeing how much you like my work, I figured this one would be perfect…….BTW Peter how did Gunwalker turn out for you? Apparently Che is now begging for Codrea.

Peter when you promise results and fail to deliver……. well we all know what happens. Pete shall I post a few articles with the boastful promises of taking down Holder, the Justice Dept, Hillary, and the White House? I would be happy to do so.

It amazes me just how butt sore these folks get when you prove them wrong. Peter you seem like a bright brainwashed guy, surely you are smart enough to take what I have written and prove me wrong? Please take my data, the links and show the world I WAS WRONG in any of it, perhaps you and Joe Dirt could team up.


My contacts have stated the three community will quite possibly be having a funeral soon, I am sure it will be jam packed full of dignitaries, and state department types. I took a minute or two today and thought about what kind of going away party the threepers will be throwing Che.

Oh I suppose the III Patriots will pack up their station wagons and flow into Alabama in droves, all the local flower shops will run out of wreaths and flowers. I never disliked funerals, a few of the ones I attended happened to be more of a celebration than a tear fest.

Man I can almost hear the eulogy now, great, great things will be said, statesman like speeches will be given, honor and praise will be heaped upon the fat man lying in the pine box, tears I am sure will be in abundance, nope not a dry eye in the place. I wonder if Che has requested to be buried with that pesky old pistol the Sheriff just gave back to him? It would be such a waste considering it’s brand new and never had a round though her…. well it does have some handling marks on her where the sheriff was opening his grape knee-high sodas.

I wonder what kind of clothes Che has chosen to be displayed in? Oh I almost forgot Che’s better half will need to write the post and ask for donations for Che’s attire, I wonder if he is thinking black or white suit… I suppose they will also have to buy a fresh floppy hat, not that the old one was sweat stained from working or anything although it did get pretty sweaty that faithful afternoon when Che raised his hand with the thumb drive and declared it’s completed.

Damn I just had a cool idea….. I wonder if they will have the III carved into the box, man that would be slick, Che should have it carved on the top and two sides. I hope someone has considered pulling the permits to shut down all of the major interstates and streets, God knows the boulevards and esplenades will be lined with faithful followers and their threeper flags. No detail should be left unchecked, this is a very important event.

Ohhhhh man another cool idea…. the threepers should take their lapel threeper pins and walk past the casket on either side, one by one…. pounding it into place,,,,, man that would be something , I saw it for a Navy Seal funeral once. Oh fuck…. after Che is pushing up the daisies… his wife should release Absolved,,, WOW what a fairy tale ending that would be. His faithful punch bowl drinkers could jerk themselves off at night while reading it. It might take years for his Cult to get over his death, many, many dark lonely nights crying themselves to sleep.

The agony and the pain for the community will be far too much to bear, I wonder how many of the Cult will commit suicide because of Che’s passing, the overwhelming pain and grief…. Lordy I wonder if they should have medical doctors at the funeral, just in case a few of them off themselves, shit it would almost be like Dan Aykroyd jumping his Harley over Belushi’s grave.

I wonder who they will have playing taps? Shit don’t forget the twenty one gun salute….. it’s going to be one hell of a party, thousands will be attending, the angels might even descend from the heavens… this is going to be big… bigger than The Princess Diana’s funeral, way bigger than the Micheal Jackson one too. I am slobbering all over myself just thinking about it.

Fuck me this is worse than being ten years old and counting down the last ten days of Christmas. Whoa…. who is in charge of hiring the choir, so many details and so few days to plan. Who is going to handle the media arrangements and contacts, holy fuck someone needs to get started on the town square monument.

In closing remember….. you can’t have a circus with out a few midget’s, has anyone hired the midget’s?

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