More on manipulations of the frat boys, this from Dio who saw it with his own two eyes. Make sure to read the comments.

All joking aside,  Time to shed my illusion and get busy.


Todays post is completely off the cuff and may or may not take a venomous turn.  I don’t know yet.   Fact is, seeing things on the blogs, the discussion going on in my email accounts, having been witness to the goings on at Summit, and, well, just being another Bitter Clinger, ‘Racist’, Tyranny Hating Ex-Jarhead Patriot; There are some goings on that need addressed.


First and foremost, I want to bring one point to the front.   It does apply to all of what follows though the point may not be completely obvious at first.

Washington D.C. is a rats nest of underground complexes, tunnels and bunkers.    The lessons taught to the PTB by the Bonus Army, The Cold War, and yet still continuing threat of Atomic/Nuclear/Biological attack,  were not lost upon all of those on that hill prior to this date.    There are alternatives to the regular exits for those seated on that hill.

Second Off, I have the highest respect for ALL PERSONS MENTIONED FROM THIS POINT FORWARD!    I am only trying to point out something I see as wrong, or just out of place in our movement that needs attended to before it starts another division.

Remember this, We may not all be strict Constitutionalists, We may not all be Libertarians (libertarians),   We may not all be Militia in the sense of forming up in group on a weekly basis (we are all militia though, make no doubt)  BUT, we all have similar goals.


Now,   In light of the conversations in my inbox, I want to address this in a way that my words are heard by all.   Sam Kerodin posted this last night.      I hesitated in reading it.   Quite frankly, it seems more emotion driven than thoughtful.    Sam, you off all people should know that anger, when tempered and reined in, is the vorpal sword of the warrior, but when allowed to run unchecked, consumes and destroys.   While we do need to make forward movement; And I won’t argue that point, We do! – We do need to consider some tactical aspects.

This also may be a point in which I am not aware of all the facts, but here are all the facts that I have to bring to the table, and all the members of my growing tribe will agree.   The timing is off.   Days before the Election is going to be a complete mess, not for logistics perse, but for the fact that it is a pivot point in our future.   The racial aspects of this election are not to be trifled with, as are those of the whole Zimmerman Case.   While DC is your AO, it is not ours; and I for one do not want to be 1000 miles from my AO when the shit hits the fan.

Another point of hesitancy on my part goes back to something I discussed with others at the Summit, though along a different subject line, it is relevant.    Seeing my point of the ‘DC Citadel’ and the fact that there are more ways out of DC for the elected, make ANY siege on that place is actually running face first into a trap.   While your plans are subtle enough that I don’t think there would be any immediate retribution, the point is the same as that I made about TL’s wanting to take 300,000 patriots en-masse in a march on DC.    The rats would scurry for the Tunnels, and when they vacated, BOOM!   Air strikes, Surgical removal of a movement from the scene and a few months rebuild,   move on.   And we would have done  half their work for them by being ‘conveniently located’.

That is contrary to 4th Gen warfare that we are going to have to be proficient at if we hope to get anywhere.

It has been said and said and said,   I say it again here.    LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL!!!!!!!!

Others have said this ” All politics and war are LOCAL”

The agreement at the Summit for the actions as stated are one direction we need to go in.   As for Laying Siege to DC, Our best efforts would be, IMO, best served by making the Rats afraid to Return to the home state.   Make it so that they are afraid to show their faces in the local, for fear of a line Hemp and a tall tree.

I don’t want to decry your efforts, but I do feel, as do others, that your efforts would be better used in continuing on the path you are on.    The ‘mini-PatCom’ idea is perfect, being mobile and setting up ‘meet-ups’ where the attendees were already coming, anyway.       As Bill stated, not all at the gun shows are LMI’s, but they are buying guns too.   IF we could talk to them, we may be able to mentor a few new hands to the movement.

Enough picking on Sam though.

Next up,  Tom Baugh,

Tom did a presentation for us at the Summit.   One that has far more involved for me to bring to bear here.    My point I want to bring to Tom is this.   There are ways to what you presented, without losing the mentor point, that also would not be manipulation.   I see the ‘Rub’ that set several people off center on that point.   One need only look at how the Propaganda we witness on a daily basis is done, and one should immediately cringe when one of our own even mentions attempting similar methods.

Do those methods work?  Oh hell yeah.   Thats not the point.   It more boils down to the fact that it  IS manipulation.

An aside but on the same point,   Many of us don’ think we have the time available any longer.     Note my point above to Sam about not wanting to be away from my AO come November.    How many would we actually be able to sway into the fold by then, EVEN IF we chose clandestine methods?


That is 6 months in our future.  Half a year.

6 Months for our current Tyrants to put in place further encroachments.    Things that were discussed at the Summit, are being discussed in our spheres, on our blogs, in our mail boxes, and that are as real as they can get.    Things that those not awake would label “TinFoilHat” territory, but are quite real and happening.

Will we see an complete collapse?   I doubt it.   I am thinking it is going to be racial tensions and economic freefall and that the pieces we discussed about NorthCom and the Chicago/UN summit are only TPTB placing more toys on the table for when this continent goes all Argentina.

I stated it Friday night at the Summit.   I have stated it here repeatedly, And I say it again though I know I am preaching to the Choir.


And its going to.   But until such time as that, all we can do is continue to beat the drums, mentor where we can find the ears to listen, and prepare prepare prepare, local local local. (and if you repeat it enough it becomes a good mantra to relax to.)  We can try to accelerate that ‘getting worse’ through 4GW methods, or we can sit on our couches and allow TPTwB to do it for us, as they have been doing all along the last half century (with acceleration the last 12)  Choose wisely is all I can say.   (and like TL stated,  “I know my choice, but thats for me to know, not all of you.”    )

Different point but one that needs addressed.

I have said that “I am no leader” here repeatedly.   There are several that have told me otherwise (and they know my response about illusions)

But I have to bring to point one thing.    EVERY ONE that has attended a PatCom, or the Summit, or upcoming liberty Conferences, or whatever the host wants to call it, IS A LEADER!!!!    Those that are “committing” to attendance then backing out without reason, are potential leaders but you need to grow a pair and GET OFF THE DAMNED COUCH.   (And I know there are some that did commit and shit happened.   This doesn’t apply to you.   This applies to those that couldn’t get off the couch and were to cowardly to admit they were wussies even then)

Then again, there are a handful, that are dangerous.     We need to police our ranks when one steps beyond the pale.    As we prepare locally,  we need to watch ourselves locally as well.   When “one of our own” takes to publicly declaring personal information on another patriot, JUST BECAUSE he is ‘not happy’  about something is bull shit.

The Children need not apply.   I won’t have them in my AO and  neither should you.

Comments are open now for ripping Dio an new ass for doing this in public, but I have to agree with others that we need to be open with each other in our community or we will quickly devolve into yet another Hamilton/Madison point.  (we may yet, but lets try to avoid the mistakes of the past.)



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