I am re-posting yet another classic from the archives from May 26, 2012, please make sure you read the comments, also I ask you to read the entire linked post from Sam as well as the comments. One of the attendees of the Mercer PatCon openly admits to witnessing the Frat Boy hierarchy plotting and planning. Dio also informed me in an after action phone call and confirmed.

I also had a phone conversation with TL Davis and he also let it slip. Folks there is more out there than you are willing to admit. And yes AP / Justin Combs is involved.

After you read the two articles, and comments…….. think about all that has transpired since they articles have been written, look at the patterns, look at the words Dio typed, he openly admitted he witnessed the shenanigans with his own eyes. Here I will post his quote, then after the break will be the piece I wrote back in May with the link to Kerodin. READ ALL OF THE COMMENTS well. There are others that smelled the rat long ago as well.

“AlanD, Diogenes here, I am sorry that the actions at the Summit lead you to not show up at China’s event. These two events were night and day, and you missed a wonderful event at China’s. TL’s Summit was a good event also, but there was some manuevering going on and I understand how that may have led others to believe PatCom’s in general could be compromised.”

Then we have this recent comment from Pete’s place.

Tom Baugh | November 19, 2012 at 18:00 | Reply

Uh, is anyone else seeing what I am seeing? In this and previous posts, Sean, oughtsix, Alan, Pat Hines, Russ, Sandman, Rhodes, AP, me, and a half-dozen or so other similar personalities (on this and their own sites) are taking stands on the same side of an issue, with opinions ranging from “nominally supportive with exceptions” through “goofy, but we can use it”, to “HELL YEAH!”?

(if I’ve misinterpreted someone, my apologies, and no offense if I’ve omitted anyone but the list makes the point as it is.)

I’m hearing double-click acks all over this “net” and related backchannels.

This alone should be sending OpFor into a WTF Fred G. Sanford moment. I’m sure they’ve noticed given some of the traffic patterns seen. Damage control is trying to keep up, even derailing initiatives previously in-progress. This one is definitely inside the loop and is affecting priorities.

CPX Foxtrot showed that coordinated yet decentralized action along a narrow axis, despite OpFor action, was theoretically possible as an abstract concept. Here is a live-fire confirmation, gentlemen.




May 26, 2012


There is much that happens behind the curtain, I wished my comments this morning would or could be ” GASP WTF” They are not … sadly. Much of what I write in regards to the “Frat Boys” concerns this very subject, and yes it is rampant. The same holds true for the “Punch Bowl”

I am weighing in this morning because there is much Merit to what Sam has stated, I have seen it first hand. So have many others. Yet I speak for myself, if the others wish to come forward or not…. that is their business. I will not be offering specifics, why you ask?  You will soon see as it all plays out.

I am neither shocked nor offended……. Silly Humans. Disgusted would probably be more appropriate, again this is not a BREAKING story for many of us……. yet it is confirmation of what we had already suspected. Confused? If you follow my writings much of what might have confused shall come to light.

Have you ever read this from me? “Be Very Careful What You Ask For Folks”  Shall we play a little game this morning? Let us see who can accurately explain the conditions in the community that prompted the Frat Boys to take action, it’s easy and Sam gives a few details. Sorry no prizes. Remember local, local, local.

I ask one last question to those that knew about the story prior to Sam exposing said Frat Boys. Can you place the blogger with the name of one of the characters from Orwell’s  Animal Farm? Come on it’s easy.

Napoleon, Snowball, Boxer,   Squealer, Old Major, Clover, Moses, Mollie, Benjamin, Muriel, Mr. Jones, Mr.   Frederick, … Jessie and Bluebell

Read the rest of the sordid story here:  http://iiipercent.blogspot.com/2012/05/we-stand-apart.html

Here is what many of you probably do not know: A small group of folks who think themselves to always be the smartest men in the room deign to control “The Message” across the blogs of our community. This small group of bloggers, anchored and orchestrated by Baugh, decided to assign community blogs in a “Tier” system, a ranked hierarchy. Additionally, these folks deigned to determine which blogs would receive visitors based on their own value system. The intent is to sweep visitors into the proper “bin”, according to the decisions taken by the smartest guys in the room.

It is a classic “Good ol’ boys” system, a hierarchy of insiders attempting to control who succeeds and who fails, who says what to whom, based on “Their” desire to control “The Message”.

In a community supposed to be about honesty, integrity, morality and Liberty, the mere hint of such reindeer games is offensive.


  1. YOWWWW….all this scares the hell out of me….
    I’m so confused from reading all these blogs and replies and bickering I don’t have an idea of which direction to turn too.
    All the players involved and their opinions have me almost deciding to fix up my home front, dig in and get ready to defend myself and family alone.
    I surely wanted to join Kerodin and the Citadel and have a warm and fuzzy feeling being with other Patriots and be safe. But now I’m confused.
    Papa Mike

    • Papa Mike: Bill’s posts are from the spring/summer and showing the duplicity of certain people in the community. My participation was in revealing some of that duplicity publicly, showing that some people try to live in both worlds, and that is impossible.


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