I have to wonder if the Militia’s feel the same way?  Any Commanders out there that would care to expand? We are our own worst enemy…… The Civil War will more than likely be fought FIRST in the Patriot Community. Shirts or Skins folks.

Anonymous November 28, 2012 6:19 AM

Respectfully, if you are correct, then we are indeed screwed.

The central-government-restraining/individual-freedom-protecting purpose of the USC/BoR has failed.


And that fact has been clear since 1861, at least.

I do not understand why thinking people are so rote-bound to a document that has failed so miserably in its stated purposes for so long.

Principles, Mr. Klein, principles — not failed documents.

You could scratch out 20 off the top of your head and have a better starting point for the post-FUSA survivors than the USC/BoR and its SupCt interpretations since Marbury.

That is not to say that the USC/BoR should not be used as a jump-off point — to wit:

No income tax.

No “general welfare” clause.

No “necessary and proper” clause.

No permissible deviation whatsoever from the 2A’s “shall not be infringed”.

No “takings” clause.

Inviolable terms limits.

Express prohibition on the abomination of “martial law” under penalty of summary execution for all officials involved in any attempt to implement same.

Et cetera.

The intellectual work and historical experience has been obtained.

All (hah!) that remains is for North Americans to learn from both.

God help us all.


2 thoughts on “LAB RATS

  1. Indeed. It will be messy, it will be horrendously disorganized, it will be a total clusterfuck at first. And then we have to dust off the remaining pieces and put it all back together. Hopefully to last as it was supposed to.

  2. Bill,
    No Lawful Constitutional Militia will discard the BoR and DoI to appease some hippy zero gov types. I commented on the post. Every Militia leader I know would say the same.

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