5 thoughts on “SQUARE HOLE……. SQUARE PEG?

  1. There is nothing wrong in following a dream. But what is wrong is those that can’t dream and try to ruin the rest that do.
    I always believed that a “Citadel” could be posible, it’s my dream and you assholes like AP and his clones need to stay out of my dreams.
    Papa Mike

  2. A while ago I promised that Firestone would be proven to be a physical coward – done.

    I promised they’d be unemployed, unemployable – done. (with more on the way!)

    I do wonder why AP, and I mean this sincerely, would continue to play footsie with Firestone and King knowing his stance on “Faggotry” and abortion. But footsie they play! I think it shows that Arctic Parrot is willing to play with anyone who will call him “friend” He so needs acceptance and love.

    Now I have a question for every mother and father out there: If you were a mother, even a three-time loser with a law degree (who is unemployable) with an openly gay boy child in the home, would you permit a grown man to live in your home who has an open, demonstrable fascination with homosexuality? Really – any moms or dads out there who would let that happen?

    Just wondering.

    And I’m just gettin’ warmed up. I promised years. I keep my promises.


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