Arctic Patriot says:

October 13, 2012 at 9:25 am

(I obviously don’t agree with your characterization of monotheism, but still a good piece.)

I’d definitely draw a line between monotheism and Christianity.

I cannot and will not defend Monotheism in general; however, I do believe that biblical Christianity (not this Americanized, watered-down, kumbaya stuff) is the only worldview that coherently and consistently provides the necessary conditions/preconditions for understanding the human experience and knowledge.

That is not to say that unbelievers cannot have an understanding of humanity or that they have no knowledge, but rather that when their belief systems are broken down to basic presuppositions (everyone has these, whether admitted or not), they are, for the most part, self-refuting and inconsistent, or arbitrary at best.


Read the comments from this THREAD:

Now let us take a walk down to the Frog Cutter aisle.

Do you not recognize the patterns or the games being played by a select few, skirting and dancing around their core beliefs?


5 thoughts on “BIRDS OF A FEATHER

  1. These must be the biggest fucking assholes on the whole Internet… Except Idaho bob… He was cracking me up…

    It’s a good thing these motherfuckers have guns…. Otherwise I’d seriously whip ass. Put em over my knee and whip their ass. Just ass whippings all day.

  2. Oh yeah I’d also like to know why the name of this blog is western rifle shooters. I’ve learned little to nothing about the west or rifles or shooters…. Fuck you you fucking fucks.

    Ok. I’m going back to bed. Thanks Bill. My flight or fight responses are still in good condition.

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