Shall we take a close look at who Justin Combs likes to play footsie with, you know the old saying about the “COMPANY ONE KEEPS” First we need to take a gander at this:

Go to AP’s page and click RYU’s name: This is the White Nationalist Think Tank Website that RYU helps run, He is also cozy with Billy Roper, do you know who Billy Roper is?









A picture is worth? That folks is Billy Roper

OK follow me down the rabbit hole.

Go read the comments and the conversations, it was not combative, old AP and Ryu are buddies.

Page after page of RYU and Arctic Patriot / Justin Combs.  If you go to Ryu’s site and type Billy Roper into the search function of the White Nationalist Think Tank Website, guess what happens? One of the sites contributors  Pops up, yes it’s a pseudonym.


Now why would Arctic Patriot aka Justin Combs be playing footsie with known white supremest’s? I think we all know why, and he has worked diligently to try and mainstream the Nazi’s into the Patriot Movement.

Here is what come up with a google search for Billy Roper:

How about a recent quote from the Great Man Who Lifts Heavy Steel Off the Ground aka Justin Combs:

“I would also say that the “vaguely Christian” part is the survivalist movement’s
greatest weakness. It needs to be wholly and voluntarily Christian.”

Of course Justin gets called on the carpet for the comment and he later back peddles. Remember the fascination of Justin’s with Hitler? I do and you should!

Justin please spare me your cries of Libel, any Judge would throw it out in five seconds. Now we have Sam’s self-proclaimed nemesis California Yankee, yes we have seen the trash that comes from that section of the web, CY claims to be Jewish and he and Justin are pals…….. tsk tsk tsk. CY claimed my assessment of Self loathing was ridiculous, I beg to differ.

Now my last question……… how many more of them are out there in the community? I bet many more. After all at this point those still supporting Arctic Patriot……… BIRDS OF A FEATHER?

Arctic patriot was once revered as a rising star in the community, he is now being shunned, as he should be.

4 thoughts on “THE FEAR OF GOD

  1. Hooo boy! My what a tangled web he’s woven, and now he’s caught in it. This does beg the question of just how many more there are out there…

    • I’ve seen to much. I feel a little dirty. And I need a shower.

      Local. Local. Local never made so much sense…however, what can you do when you’re new in town. You have no idea what you’re dealing with…

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