“But no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”


Yet there are those in the so-called community that profess otherwise. If you are not worshipping as they see fit…… Well we all know the rest of the story.

Panties are getting soiled because of the recent events up in CT, here is some data on the child homicide rate of the USA, the data is old but you get the point? No?


Can you say Sparklie? No? Have we not learned our lessons concerning sparklies? We should have. So the chickens are running in circles exclaiming gun control is coming……. Well is this not what you all wanted? It should be praised, will this not give you your opportunity to go meet the ghost of John Parker?

Shall we have a lesson today on personal property? What belongs to me…. is mine, if you now have it in your possession or sold it……. you are a thief. One cool thing about having a treasurer……. he or she controls the money or the community property, if you do something contrary as to what was agreed upon……. it is stealing.

Interesting conversation I had few days ago…… I was contacted by an individual from up North, apparently there is a little mouse who has been whispering little tid bits about a certain group and recent activities…… more on this later.

I would have thought after the ass chewing handed out by Tom B. certain folks would have gotten the message, there are things we shall not discuss immediately, no I will wait until I find a more OPPORTUNE time, you know the old saying about opportunities.

Mayberry had a great post up last night, he hit it out of the park: http://keepitsimplesurvival.wordpress.com/2012/12/18/lessons-from-mother-nature/

Speaking of Craig, he and I had a long conversation……. we happen to agree that the Seed pimp Big John Lipscomb was dead on in his narratives concerning the community…. chicken shits and pussies! You know the kind of men that lack courage and fortitude, thieves and liars, those that who would have you censored or your blog SHUT DOWN.

All of the so-called patriots, big brave souls…….. as soon a the heat gets turned up……. they squeal like stuck pigs. In the last few months I have seen more scrubbing and erasing……. I think I am going to hand out an annual award to those individuals that scrub their inconsistencies the best….. of course the same individuals would win year after year.

I also find it interesting that when a rat gets trapped into the corner, said rat has to have his colony protect him from his deeds, if I may offer one tid bit of advice……. your colony will fail, why? Because you did not heed the warnings of the oncoming infestation.

A word to the wise…… meeting a person ONE time does not give you the full effect, I would have to bet the ONE time meeting involved someones hand being placed palm side up, you see the agenda of the meeting was over money and removing it from your possession. As long as the cash continues to flow you have your colony, yet it seems to always be lopsided, the cash is only flowing into one mans hand.

You will fail because of your own ignorance and gullibility, never ever allow a Carney Rat into your home.

From this point on I will never use the word ” Community” now instead……. I will use the word Colony.

Perhaps in the near future we shall have a conversation on FSA and creating jobs using tax payer money, you know…… cronyism in the colony using poor old grannies tax money in a small enclave of Amerika. Yet it’s OK when we do it, yet we will scream to the heavens when our government does it, DUPLICITY at best.

As always using my God Given name and not hiding behind the rock as a coward would and does.

Bill Nye




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