I had to take this test not too long ago:


I am linking to my results, to give some who have never met me in person a small gander into my head. Perhaps some things will make a little more sense, perhaps not? I hate fucking hypocrites, liars and thieves. I also hate pimps and frat boys.

I also have a strong disdain for those so called leaders in this community, rat fink mother fuckers. Many still do not understand they are being used as lab rats. You are all on your own GET IT? I did not think so.

Here is the link: PI_BillNye_082412

Can you guess who this is? Yes Che in all his glory, rat fuck lying son of a bitch. Hey Che……. question for you, remember your famous quote about me… here let me refresh your memory for you.

             “Bill Nye and his three followers”

First fucking lesson your daddy should have taught you Che… never underestimate anyone.. you pompous dick weed, yes my “three followers” indeed. Now how did that work out for you Che? You don’t need huge stats or hundreds of followers, all you need is perseverance and the truth. Hey Ann Elizabeth why are you hiding the truth?


You may hate me for what I do, yet you can’t hide the truth forever.

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