It’s times like this that seem to confuse me the most… No strike that, its times like this I have the least amount of hope for the movement! Ohhhhhh gawwwwd it’s the liar keepers, they are bad men. Well no fucking shit Sherlock, and you fools are just NOW figuring it out.

I find zero rewards in the fact so many of my contemporaries are so far behind the proverbial curve. No we are not discussing those with fresh sleep in their eyes, rather those that have been slicing and dicing and ridiculing those of us that tend to be at least one year or so ahead of the curve.

I also find it very amusing….. the tendencies of the followers of the communities, the commenters as well as those that publish patriot blogs……… Lorrrdy ooohhhhh gawwwd that Bill Nye is an asshole….. The truth is most could not and presently can not handle the fucking truth if you slapped their mothers upside their heads with it. Yes Virginia the world is full of mother fucking assholes and bad folks, that wish to do you and yours much harm.

OHHHHHH the bad men are commming for our guns, lordy what shall we do, oh please dear leaders hallllp us, tell us what we are supposed to do? Give me a frigging break you pussy mother fuckers, you coward….pathetic amoebas. I swear to god I have never seen such a pathetic bunch of shit stains in my life.

And here is a message to the fundie WN arm of the community……. your baby jesus is not going to do a fucking thing to help you, pray all you want….. memorize all the bible passages you can, it still will not stop what is coming, brute force can only be equalized with Brute Force. This means ( for the simpletons out there) ugliness and much of it on both sides.

My path was easy for me, because I understood what was coming, yet I was ridiculed for being too harsh, too rogue…. too foul-mouthed and not kind enough to the baby kittens, you stupid shit stains….. now what are you going to do?  You do not buy guns and shit loads of ammo and stockpile food wares if you have not already wrapped your mind around the fact you are going to war……..Get It? No?

I have stated in the past many, many times…… We ARE ALREADY AT WAR, there will be no spark… Get It? No? We have been involved in a Cold War with our Federal Government since the Civil War, I have also stated Local, Local, Local…… yet it is now just a meme that the oligarchs of the community now use, because the inevitable has come to pass, in my world it’s also called CYA.

March to DC, for that matter march your scrawny asses all the way to the gates of hell, the so-called claims of me dividing and fracturing… you fools, you impish fucking children. I can’t frigging wait to see how many of you lose your minds over the upcoming reindeer games.

The community was and is a microcosm of the bureaucracy you all claim to hate so much, it was and is your merry leaders that kept the movement and the community stifled, yet you can’t see the trees through the forest, ignorant bunch you are!

I have set the record straight in the past, it seems I have to go down memory lane yet again…….. My work concerning Vanderboegh and company has helped shape and open the community as you view it today, there are some good men that were able to capitalize on that said work…… to help those that did not and otherwise would have never had a voice. Get It? No? Thought so.

Yes I helped bring into the daylight some (not all) of the soft underbelly of the community, I also backed every single bit of it up, I dare anyone to prove me wrong….. I know, I know, many of you are cringing because you tried and failed.

I have zero respect for those that idly sat by and did nothing, it would be foolish to think I was the only person aware of the issues at hand, there were others, they were informed and kept in the loop, yet they choose to do NOTHING, all cowards. I took point and exposed the vile, sordid inner workings of the community, while others sat on the fence trying to stay neutral for political purposes, you are the scum of the earth and you know who you are. And there are many, it was not JUST about ideology as it was opportunity for perceived power and human resources.

Many were far too daft to understand the complexities, many were not……. I can say with certainty I helped bring some amount of clarity into the inner workings, like it or not. I really don’t give a fuck, I stood as a man should and did the right thing, I took my head shots like a man, I will in the future stand as a man and do what is right………………………………………………………………………………………………..

I wished I could say the same about many of the others in the so-called community, perhaps it’s not too late. Stand like men and take your head shots, I have very little faith. LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL…………March your scrawny asses all the way to the gates of hell.

Kerodin / Craig / Pappa Mike/ Rich,

I would do it all over again, and I would not change a fucking thing, you know how to reach me if there is ever a need.



  1. So many people simply have their heads up their asses.I keep telling them that this has already started. So now your fucked. Don’t say I didn’t warn you and don’t come to my place.

  2. I have been ready for awhile, there will be no cowards at my household.
    We are ready as can be. Force will be met with force. I will be sure to send what I can to their graves of hell. I know I have more courage in one (me) than a ‘triad’ of so called SWAT killers.
    Papa Mike

  3. I wholeheartedly agree. The time to shit or get off the pot passed us by a long time ago, before any of us were born. Actions, not words. You, Bill, are a man of action. Too bad so many cowards still hide behind a keyboard shouting “WOLVERINES!”…

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