I have been wondering lately how most folks think, it’s a serious question and I am not trying to offend the fundies. Here we go in no certain order, with sarcasm or without it’s up to your take on my inflection. Please try to remember I do believe what is happening is about darkness and light, good and evil.

Do you think God and the Baby Jesus are going to stop bad men from doing bad things? Do you think God is going intervene to save our Nation?

Will The Baby Jesus come back from the space ship to save mankind?  Why didn’t the Baby Jesus save the Jews from the holocaust? Or did he just allow the Nuremberg Trials? Why does God continue to allow the (real) Africans to suffer? Why did God not save the Japs from the US Nuke bombs? How come the Baby Jesus allowed millions upon millions to die in all of the wars?

My favorite question is…. why did the Baby Jesus not stop his priests from butt fucking little boys? How about the Crusades… where was the Baby Jesus then? Perhaps he was on holiday in Cancun smoking a sweet Cuban Cigar?

Again I am not putting down our Christian Religion,  am I being a crass son of a bitch? … you betcha I am.  What intervention do our higher powers have when the evil mother fuckers decide to rape, kill and plunder? Answer? Not one fucking bit, zip, zero, nada.

Where was the Great Allah when Idi Amin was dining on his fellow moose limbs.

Don’t like the answer? Too fucking bad, it happens to be the gospel. Nothing can save your sorry ass from bad people with very bad intentions… got ammo?


  1. I am a Christian and I know why God doesn’t save people on earth because that is our job. We choose to be good or evil because God gave us free will and that means we get to screw up and pay the consequences. If you go back to the Old Testement, God was the first Libertarian! Here are the laws you follow or you can leave the tribe. No judges, no kings those all came after the the jews begged God for them because all the other tribes are caling us names and we aren’t cool like them! God told the jews they wouldn’t like having a king, as kings will become despots and tyrants. But no the jews said that would never happen because they were different!
    Kind of the same thing for Christians Jesus wasn’t to become a king on earth but a spirtual king. Some rules to follow or you can leave the tribe! No hunting you down, no hard feeling just bye! Now humans have corrupted the message again but that is that pesky free will thing again!

    • Jamie,
      Oh you have done it now……. the fundies with the fistful of snakes are not going to like your take on the matter, although I did appreciate it myself. Thanks!

      • Won’t be the first time I have pissed people off and I doubt it will be the last! For me it’s all about the bet God has with his child Satan. After the Adam and Eve in the Garden dabacle satan said to God I can make every human turn against you and God said you are wrong. I figure they had a limit on that miracle thing they could use and while God chose the jews first with Jesus the christians, the people had to chose God. Plus if you read the bible most of the people God loves best tend to get the worst treatment. Jews in general as a race, Job, Noah (mocked for the ark) his prophets from Moses to Malichi and his only son Jesus died it about the most painful way you could at the time. Both God and Jesus both said any who follow him will suffer and be persecuted. I don’t much care for the ala cart christians who only want the good stuff and ignore the hard stuff. Read the bible it’s in there. God ain’t Santa Claus figuring up if you have been naughty or nice and if you get an eternal Xmas stocking of coal or a set of car keys to the celetial BMW. This gift of life is for each person to use as they wish. The whole eternal life thing is an extra reward for really winning God’s bet
        against Satan.

        • Jamie,
          The way you have stated the facts are the best I have ever seen in print. I will be plagiarizing and paraphrasing from your last two posts.
          Thank you for the clear truthful words. They are a true inspiration.


  2. I work with a feller like that. When I try to talk to him his response,”I wont be here when something bad happens, I will be raptured.”

    I got news fer him, he aint that pius…

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  4. Bill,I have asked my exwife Minister that and similar questions. It seems that what happens here on this level is not where God is going to make things great it is on the next level. i guess all ya can do is try to be a good person and try to keep the Faith even with these Evil Motherfuckers all around!


  5. The gods will not do for us that which we can do for ourselves.

    Glad I’m Odinist, the Christian religion is way too effed up for my taste.

  6. I just wish that while I’m in this physical body I could take my fist and shove it down the throats of these assholes that keep trying to tell me how to things their way. My God reserves the right to have judgement on me not these bastard retards that are authurs of some of these blogs.
    We are at war and we have enough on our plates to worry about without these born again, and again mock christians claiming they see the light and try to lead us in the shit they are in. NO WAY.
    Papa Mike

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