I wrote a piece the other day about H-S Precision:

As I stated this was old news, I am also aware of the fact that there were those in the community that shook their fists at the heavens at the time and screamed “NOT ONE MORE INCH” Yes not one more inch indeed, I have to wonder how it all worked out for them? Here let me help you.

Folks you get the point, I could spend all day here inserting the links of the companies that sell H-S products, and there are many, what about Gander Mountain, Dicks, Bass Pro, Academy? I think you get it.

So what is my point? They all sold us down the river, each one of them. The entire culture of the 2nd community from the manufactures to the retail arm and the gun shops, including the community itself……. is self fucking centered and greedy.

Ahhhhh but Bill Sopsey and Codrea and Tam wailed to the heavens over this in 08.

Yet folks still continued to purchase the products, you folks ( myself included ) still went into Bass Pro. Just like Gun Walker the enemies of Liberty spat in our faces, this is why I took the stance I did with Gun Walker… SPARKLIE, oh lordy Bill not this again, yes Craig, Sam and myself called it correctly.

As the community gnashed its fangs and the claws were sharpened, we were labeled as haters and we were being divisive, no folks…… we simply used common sense. Do you understand that the shortages on guns and ammo at the moment…. has more to do with the manufactures and retail arm withholding and waiting to capitalize on the highest margin possible.

Yes I am aware there has been a historical mad dash to purchase said Items, yet you are not paying close enough attention, supply and demand is manipulated to optimize profits, No? And this is from the 2nd community. No?

No one has your backs folks, go ask the NRA or perhaps the Liar Keepers, oh wait…… That’s right. Go ask H-S or Remington, oh wait……. That’s right.

Break it down to even the essence of the community, the gun show crowd……. oh wait……

Life sucks does it not? No one gives a flying fuck about the 2nd or the constitution unless there is a bill of sale attached, get it? No? Vote with your wallet? Can you see my smirk?

No folks we are beyond voting with our wallets, we are beyond pulling levers, we are beyond starving the beast, get it? Why not go ask Jult4thPatriot his view-point? Oh wait…..That’s right.

What about this:

Yet he was on the Radio a few weeks ago bragging about the money he is making, what happened to the boycott folks? Why is he still pushing wheel barrows full of cash into his safes?

Yes Virginia the money changers don’t give a rats ass about your 2nd, get it? No?











Folks quit fucking complaining about your government, clean up your own community FIRST. Bunch of fucking hypocrites!!


  1. I have been saying the same message, greed, What good does it do you if you are the richest man on a pile of destruction.

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