We do remember this from Sister Ann Margaret? No?

“Yeager Goes to the Front
 Posted by Ann Barnhardt – January 9, AD 2013 7:16 PM MST
This man is totally sane.
I respect what he has done here, because I did something similar myself a while back. At some point, someone has to step up, man up, and SAY IT. No masks, no anonymity, no bullshit. This is my name, and this is the situation, and anyone who doesn’t like it can come and try to do something about it. Mr. Yeager knows EXACTLY what he has done. God bless him. Pray that he has fortitude and doesn’t walk back one syllable of this, because that would be just about the worst possible outcome. Remember, POTENCY and FORTITUDE.”

“He isn’t crazy – he’s just FIRST. And FIRST is almost always attacked and mistaken for crazy. Remember that.”



“Language warning. F-word. Manfully.”

Of course Mr. Yeager has yanked his video. Now he has uploaded ” Pack Your Bags Part Tres”.

And he has his mouth piece by his side……… What a piece of fucking shit if you ask me. And Sister Ann Margaret….. ooh rah? Sister Ann Barnhardt have you reconciled with Father Martin?  Yeager is not crazy…. just greedy!!!

2 thoughts on “OOH RAH?

  1. Common sense dictates, that you speak your truth quietly and without drama.
    That kinda eliminates making videos saying you are gonna kill people, specifically.
    “The ones that talk biggest, usually run first”. That’s what my grandpa used to say.

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