SP…… for those that do not know is Survivalist / Prepper


Please make sure you read all of the comments in this thread:


Now go read Sam Kerodins take on the subject here:


Are you still confused?

  1. LOL. Looks like the SP is getting a helping of Big Brother’s loving care.
    What’s the matter? No freedom of speech? Why, no one was bothered when those nasty white supremecists were getting zapped.

    What do you expect? There is no murica anymore. Land of the fee and home of the slave. One has to realize that “the system” IS those police and soldiers who work to keep it together.
    The 1% or “the elites” are nothing. They don’t pull triggers. They get idiot kids who think they’ll be bad super ninja elite warriors if they can pass training. Look at Mosby. He didn’t have any problem with ZOG when he was on the payroll. Now he’s the big patriot. Before it was “yes sir” or “yes massah.”


3 thoughts on “SP…… for those that do not know is Survivalist / Prepper

  1. I looked at ryu’s blog, that’s some serious fucking incoherency. He can type what he wants, obviously, but I won’t be reading it, there’s more important issues to focus on.

  2. Is there a reason that a Christian can not take up arms to protect his family and his tribe with out being called a “militant christian”?
    RYU is a fool. He does not understand Christians. He’s a bigot with fluent words. Those kind of people really piss me off.
    Papa Mike

    • Who dies first? I have heard a lot of talk about minions need to stand up to the PTBs but funny many that call for aggresive actions tend to be Arm chair generals that are dumber than a box of rocks.
      I’m a christian but the crap they are spewing is not christianity. Jesus was a hell raiser but he listened, debated folks and lived his creed among the reviled and lowest of the low. I have sold my cloke and bought my sword. You assholes want to impess me stop talking and start doing!

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