Hello Peter……


Of course Che shows up shortly after he receives Peter’s e-mail.


There has been a rather large up-tick in traffic here at my site, I do believe the newbies should be introduced to Vanderboegh’s sordid past as a TRAITOR and Communist, Vanderboeh not all of us Vets forgave you, neither will ALL Americans.

“Toward the end, I became a member of the PLP’s “secret party,” dropped from
public view and on instructions began to organize a “worker’s militia” in
central Ohio. We’d start out vetting new members by having them break into
National Guard armory parking lots and slash vehicle tires. In the end, we’d rob
dope dealers to raise the money to buy weapons, all kinds of weapons. We were
very good at what we did. And very, very lucky. Don’t believe me? Most of my
“Benedict Arnold” period papers are part of a collection at the Ohio Historical
Society. Look it up. You can look up the statute of limitations too. Nobody
died. Like I said, we were very, very lucky.”

You can read the rest of his tear jerking ( sarcasm) manifesto here:


  1. Glad I invested in precious metals….lead and brass. I know where I would help someone to be a good candidate for giving them some of my ‘intrest payments’.
    Papa Mike

  2. Now would be a good time to add that traitorous bitch Jane Fonda to your list at the bottom of your main page. Some of us are old enough to remember what she did in Viet Nam, others should be told if they don’t.

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