Peter you are a coward and so is your handler. Anon huh? Thug……. choose your words wisely Peter.


I don’t really see a need to get too upset…. after all Che is dying, yes rotting from the inside from cancer, a little birdy whispered this……… he has very little time. Thug? Peter I am really a sweet heart… now quit pissing your man panties.

One thought on “COWARDS

  1. Someone with the morals of an antichrist would never be considered to be allowed to put his foot on Citadel property has to find all the words to make him spread cowardly rumors to his lakeys. His opinions are like assholes….they stink.
    Believers of the Citadel have one strong word for them…..FAITH…!
    We believe and have faith in each other. With out faith in your fellow man you are nothing. And Peter you are nothing. Your heart beats with cowardly piss instead of blood. You have nothing to follow for your future. No dreams, no nothing. Leave us alone, let us build faith in our fellow man and depend on honest people. We don’t hang around with worthless chicken shit cowards, we don’t have time for them.
    Papa Mike

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