Tino has been hanging out over at TL’s place, I find it very interesting that he would write this over at Che’s place;

Anonymous  said…

Yesterday I sent some tips to Drudge on the subject. We’ll see if they bite.
I’ve sent out mail to every newspaper that has run an article on the Citadel III project.
I find it personally disgusting that a convicted federal felon (a snitch probably) runs a “patriot’ movement, though I like the Citadel idea.
How did he ever manage to steal the III percent concept?

January 13, 2013 at 5:18 AM

Snitch Tino? Now we have this from Tino over at TL’s, yet Tino you will bellyache about your own son being a traitor. Tino you are approximately 18 months behind the curve, please do yourself a favor and catch up to the kids that ride the big yellow bus.

Yup, like I posted, freaking divided …
I’m with T.L., doing my own business and staying away from the generals (and ‘judges’) of all kinds. They appear to be traitors or imbecils. Pog mo thoin.
P.S. Timothy, we need your role as a motivator. Keep up the good work.
P.P.S. Good for you LC.

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